Scenes from Our Easter Weekend

Good Morning!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful, relaxing and family-filled as ours! We lucked out with perfect weather and a good mix of activities. Let’s spend a few minutes reliving the weekend together, shall we? [Read more…]

A Breath of Fresh Air

Good Morning!

I hope you had a great weekend! I have to admit, I was struggling with my “topic” to write about today, when it hit me… why not write about our weekend!? It’s been awhile since I shared a weekend recap and this one was a good one. It was nothing too special or out of the ordinary and we went into it with absolutely no plans but we filled it with good stuff.

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Scenes From The Weekend + Thanksgiving

Good Morning!

With my Dad visiting last week and the holiday it seemed like one big weekend to me since last week started, so I thought today I would share a recap of all the fun we had.

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Scenes from the Weekend

Good Morning!

Another weekend with our little man is in the books and it flew by! While I’m not working for now (in an office at least), the weekends are still the time I soak up having Rich home and hopefully getting some time to myself. This weekend that did not happen much as it was busy with visitors but it was worth it!

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Scenes from Week One of Motherhood

It’s officially been a week since I went into the hospital for my life to be forever changed! Soon I’ll have the time to sit down and recap the 22 hour labor process, but in the meantime I thought I would share a glimpse into our first days as parents.

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Another Weekend of Weddings & Babies

Good Afternoon!

It’s been a great weekend and today I am in full-on relaxing mode. This unofficial start to summer has me feeling relaxed and excited for the busy summer ahead.

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Weddings, Babies & Family Weekend

Good Evening!

This weekend was a whirlwind and has me feeling a bit wiped out today, but it was one of those weekends that left me feeling grateful so I had to stop in and share.

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Me Weekend

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and the things I want to protect when I have a baby. I’m currently reading The Frige Hours by Jessica Turner which is making me think a lot about my “me time.”

When I first got married, I was the worst at making time for myself. I would stress myself out trying to do anything, getting frustrated and ultimately crashing and burning. Luckily, over time I’ve learned to delegate, set systems into place and learn to make time for myself.

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Meals & Workouts 4/12-4/18

Good Morning!

It’s been a productive & relaxing weekend over here! Yesterday we made huge progress on our Spring Cleaning and then enjoyed some Mexican takeout at home. (seriously hit my craving exactly!)


This morning we’re off to the forest preserve for a family walk & then picking up donuts for a Sunday treat. Then I’m heading out to Whole Foods for my Spring cooking class! It’ll be a good time and I’m looking forward to meeting some new bloggers.

Here’s my plan for the week!
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Meals & Workouts 4/5-4/11

Good Morning and Happy Easter!

It’s been a very low key weekend over here and I throughly enjoyed it!


Today’s plan is a short workout, Easter mass and then my in-laws are coming over for dinner. It’s also beautiful out and I’m looking forward to a great day!

Here’s my plan for the week!

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