Work Life: Balancing Work When Your Kid Gets Sick

Balancing Work When Your Kid Gets Sick

We made it through our first year of parenthood without any major sickness, but as soon as we entered the world of toddlerhood things have quickly changed. This led us to figure out the best way to handle balancing work when your kid gets sick. [Read more…]

Fifteen Months of Parenthood

Good Morning!

On Friday I took Buel for his fifteen month check-up. It’s been three months since my last update post, so today I am stopping in to share how things are going for us at fifteen months! [Read more…]

How We Transitioned From Bottles & Easy Toddler Food Ideas


Good Morning!

For my first Mom Talk post of the year, I am sharing how we transitioned away from bottles to milk and some of the convenience foods that help us get through busy days.

So first things first, let’s talk about moving away from bottles. This was something that intimidated me at first and despite lots of google researching and asking my tribe of mom friends, no one seemed to have the same answer. So, like every other transition, I went with my gut and did what felt best. [Read more…]

Day in the Life: December 2016


Good Morning! It’s been a few months since I did my last day-in-the-life post. Since then not much has changed besides Buel dropping bottles and moving onto milk which has made our days slightly easier. Besides that, it feels like things are winding down overall- our remodel is just days from being finished (fingers crossed!), my work busy season is winding down, I’m finishing up the last pieces of paperwork for my Dad’s Estate and 2016 is coming to a close. Monday I documented my day to share one last daily recap for the year, it was a pretty typical day!

6:15 my “alarm” goes off, but I’ve been somewhat awake since 5:30 when Rich got up for crossfit, but then he text me from downstairs he forgot he’s working the late shift so he can go to a later class and help with the morning routine.

6:30 I get out of bed and take care of the fur child. I let Penny out, which requires me telling her to go “all the way” in the snow several times. She’s a diva and hates getting her paws wet.

Meanwhile I pour myself a glass of water, chug it and then pour myself one coffee for now and one to go. Then Penny comes in and I feed her.


6:45 I go upstairs and give Rich his last 12 Days of Christmas present. It’s an album of one of our favorite bluegrass bands and he’s excited. I’m happy that Buel is already dressed- it means we will be on time!

6:50 Luckily I prep everything I can the night before so I’m able to get myself ready quickly since we are running short on time, our contractor has our shower door install scheduled for this morning so we need to get going.

7:10 And we are off! I put on some
Christmas music and thankfully the roads aren’t terrible after the snow the night before.


7:30 Drop off #1 at doggy daycare

7:35 Drop off Buel at his daycare, the one takes a little longer due to winter gear and the fact that he has been running to grab my legs when I leave, poor guy! His teacher distracts him with breakfast and I’m out.

7:45 Walk outside, grab my stuff and then go back inside to the gym. I’m extremely lucky that my work has a daycare center and gym, and even more lucky they are in the same building.

7:50 Hop on the bike from some cardio. I’m still getting over a cold so I take it easy but I’m still sweating after 20 minutes and I call it a decent start to the week.

8:10 Time for a shower and getting ready in the quiet locker room- this is my main motivation for getting to the gym in the morning and it never gets old. [Read more…]

Twelve Months of Parenthood


Good Morning!

This has been the fastest and slowest year my life. It seems like I’ve been a Mom forever, but it seems like just yesterday we were heading to the hospital, anxious to meet our little man. Buel turned one last week and I waited to write this update to give myself time to soak it all in. It’s a lot to grasp that my baby is now a toddler!

[Read more…]

On Time


Late yesterday afternoon, we returned home from Michigan. We had a great weekend. We celebrated one of my childhood best friend’s weddings while my family whisked away Buel for a little Birthday party, we recovered at a Michigan-themed after party the next day, ate chili and apple crisp with my cousins as our kids played and finished off the weekend with brunch at one of our favorite Ann Arbor restaurants with my college best friend and our families.  [Read more…]

A Festive Fall Weekend


Good Morning!

It’s been awhile since I shared a good old-fashioned weekend recap on here. We went into this past weekend with not a lot of plans but it ended up shaping up perfectly. It was a great mix of productivity, time with friends and family, relaxation and fun. [Read more…]

Eleven Months of Parenthood


Good Morning!

It’s time again for my monthly parenthood update. Buel is officially eleven months tomorrow and it’s been amazing how much older he seems within the past month. It seems that we’ve gone straight into the toddler phase and we’re partially in disbelief, nervous for what’s to come, exhausted from trying to keep up with him and at the same time having so much fun!

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