Ten Whole30 Dinners for Busy Weeknights

Since completing Whole30, we’ve been working to find a balance. One thing that’s working for us is to make compliant meals most nights of the week at home. Today I thought I would round up ten of our favorite Whole30 dinner ideas for busy weeknights. [Read more…]

Running on Fumes

img_2957Good Morning!

I’m coming to you from my kitchen table this morning with my weekly accountability post. I’m thankful it’s Friday and happy that it’s my work from home day. This week has me feeling burnt to a crisp, so as always I’m using this day to get caught up. [Read more…]

Being Grateful for the Process


Good Afternoon!

This week felt noticeably easier which was a pleasant surprise. On paper it was just as hectic as last week but somehow we found a bit more calm in our week.

We’re starting to see noticeable progress in our home remodel. This week the roof and landscaping outside were finished which and things are looking great! We have about six weeks to go so it looks like my dream of watching Gilmore Girls in our new family room and then Netflix binges all winter long in our finished house will be a reality.

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Learning to Be Patient


Good Morning!

This week has been filled with a lot of stress out of my control. I tried my best to be patient throughout living in a construction zone, a broken oven/microwave, family issues and my work busy season in full speed. I took the reigns yesterday and made self care non-negotiable. [Read more…]

Adventures of Solo Parenting

img_2672 [Read more…]

Finding Peace Amongst Chaos

img_2563Good Afternoon!

Another “work from home” Friday, another coffee shop morning! We currently have three work crews at our house, so instead of my usual day of work on my couch, I’ve switched up the location a bit. I’ll admit last week I was annoyed I could not work at home, but I’m embracing it.

The general theme of this week was embracing my current season of life. Things are hectic, but it’s all good things. After last week’s post, I realized how much all of the things that are creating chaos are my choice and that immediately made me feel better. This week felt a lot more calm mentally and while I’m still feeling exhausted, it’s a happy exhausted. [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/19


Good Afternoon!

Thank goodness it’s Friday! It’s been a week for me. This bug has hit me hard and I’m getting close to better but still not 100%. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get some rest and feel like myself again on the other side, but first time to check in and plan for the week ahead.
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Weekly Update 8/14

Lake Somerset

Good Evening!

Checking in to plan ahead for the week after a weekend that went totally different than I had planned. [Read more…]

Weekly Wrap-Up 8/5


Good Evening!

Today has been one of those days where everything fell into place. I got a full eight hours of sleep for the first time in months, we made pancakes this morning and ate as a family and I was able to get a ton of work done with Buel home with me! We went to the doctor for his second nine month check up since the first time around he was sick and could not get his immunizations. We’re all back to healthy now and ready for a restful weekend after a busy week. Things are off to a good start!
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Weekly Wrap-Up 7/29

Good Afternoon!

It was good timing for me to start these weekly check-ins again, because this week was a bit of a rough one. It was hectic and I’m ending the week feeling a bit burnt out and frazzled. For a few reasons this week was an emotional one. I’m looking forward to have the weekend to recharge, but first I wanted to take the time to wrap-up the week and plan for the week ahead.

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