Finding Contentment in Routine


Good Morning!

First of all, thank you so much for the love and support in the comments on Monday’s post. It was a hard one to write, but once it was out there I felt so much better. It was what I needed to do to move on from 2016 and focus on the year ahead.

Now that the year is here I’m feeling much more motivated that I was initially. It feels good to be back our usual routines and I’m feeling really proud of all the work that I put into making our day to day run like a well oiled machine in 2016.

For now, I have no plans to set any big goals in 2017. Instead, I’m focusing on the intention of contentment and would like to hold myself accountable throughout the year. I’m not sure if this will mean setting goals monthly, but for now this feels right.

So for January, my goal is to focus on finding contentment in our routines. One of the main reasons I wanted to set and follow routines in 2016 was to make our day to day easier so that we could slow down and enjoy the little moments. It took a lot of work to get to the place that we’re in, but now that we are in them our routines do make things a lot easier, our life calmer and overall they make me happier.

In the past I think that I used this blog to myself accountable to goals that I was working towards, but what about appreciating what I already have? This month my goal is to ease back into our routines, take note of them and document them on here so that I can reference what’s working in the future when I find myself in need of figuring out what works.

What are your goals for January? Do you thrive on routines in your life?

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Good Morning!

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