Scenes from Our Easter Weekend

Good Morning!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful, relaxing and family-filled as ours! We lucked out with perfect weather and a good mix of activities. Let’s spend a few minutes reliving the weekend together, shall we? [Read more…]

A Christmas Filled With Grace


Good Afternoon!

Looking back on our Christmas, it was a wonderful one. It was filled with peace and quiet, time with family and friends and lots of great memories. However, in the thick of it I found myself a bit sad and stressed but luckily I was able to realize it and own it as the days went on. It helped me get through my first Christmas without my Dad and now looking back I will have good memories.

The weekend kicked off with the best present ever, our remodel completion! It felt pretty surreal as things came together and we worked our butts off all week to get to that point. [Read more…]

New and Old Traditions in Michigan

Good Morning!

I’m back to the grind after my first long weekend of a three week span. We kicked off our Christmas celebrations by taking a quick trip to Michigan. It was a bittersweet time and we missed my Dad a lot, but were able to make the best of it by carrying on old traditions and starting some new ones as well.


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Christmas Traditions & What I’m Getting My One Year Old

front-yard-viewGood Morning!

I’m officially feeling in the Christmas spirit after a low key weekend. We spent the entire weekend in our pajamas and I did not mind it one bit. I read a lot, we watched Christmas movies and the most productive things I did were make a double batch of cookie dough and stuff our Christmas cards.

Yesterday we had the most magical snowfall and we enjoyed sitting inside as a family lounging and watching the snow out our window. Our house feels like a cabin in this weather and I love it!

I am looking forward to our trip to Michigan this weekend that’ll kick off our celebrations. We will celebrate with my Dad’s side of the family on Saturday then go to my friend Katelyn’s annual tacky sweater party while we’re there as well. Then we will come home and continue with our traditions!


Just like we do every year, we will have a traditional dinner at our house after mass on Christmas Eve. Buel will be tasked with looking for the first star in the night sky before we eat and then after dinner he’ll get his Wigilia gift. This is a tradition I started last year with new pajamas and a new book to read before bed as his gift. As you can see, this year is a “truck” theme.


When it came to presents for Buel from us this year I wanted something to ground us and found the “something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read” poem floating all over the internet. I actually think I found it on Pinterest first and was inspired to keep things simple.

Since he does not technically “want” anything this year I took the liberty of getting him a play kitchen with some pots and pans to go with it as his gift. He loves the one at daycare so I’m hoping it’ll be a hit.

He needs some snow boots and snow pants, so that fit the bill for his “something they need” gift. I almost opened these this past weekend, but I waited instead.

To wear, I’m gifting him with a cute new sweater to wear on Christmas Day. We got to my in-laws for dinner and then to friends’ for a gift exchange, so he’ll get two wears out of it on Christmas Day alone!

Lastly, to read is The-Not Very Merry Pout Pout Fish. His Pout Pout Fish book is one of our favorites and he already has the Halloween version, so I figured I would continue on with his theme for the year.


Finally, I’m looking forward to starting the Santa tradition this year. Buel may not be quite old enough to fully understand yet, but I’m excited to start the tradition in our new house. We have a little wood door on our fireplace that’s meant to store firewood and I’m excited to use it as a “Santa door” where his presents will arrive. Santa got him a Little People Nativity Scene, a Melissa and Doug Latches Activity Board and a lift-the-flap board book. These will be unwrapped to save myself time in the future. 😉

Typing this out has gotten me so excited and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. I hope you have a good one!


Getting in the Christmas Spirit


Good Morning!

This week was the one that I finally felt like a true working Mom. I had my first “my kid is sick and I need to work from home” incident and the week kept with that theme from there. The good news is we’ve almost made it and I was able to crank out a productive work day and ran all my “weekend” errands last night to clear out the weekend.

This year Christmas snuck up on me but it is turning out to be a good one so far. We’ve managed to keep things fairly simple and stress-free while still managing to keep to our traditions. I’m looking forward to a festive next few weeks starting with this weekend.

I’m doing things a bit differently this year when it comes to presents for Rich and have been gifting him “12 Days of Christmas” presents since December first. I took creative liberty with most of the days and kicked it off with “Buffalo Wings and a Pack of Tees.” (try it in the song!) Today’s gift is “Nine Ladies Dancing in a Christmas movie” and we’re going to watch White Christmas with takeout and ice cream tonight. It’ll be the perfect way to wind down the week and get in the spirit.

Our decorations are coming together and most everything is out with the exception of our outside lights. I’m still trying to nail down my mantle- I keep adding and changing things without satisfaction. Maybe when our new stockings I ordered arrive it’ll feel finished but for now it’s stumping me.



Speaking of our house, our remodel is almost done! Next week while we’re in Michigan the floors are being done and hopefully next week the finishing touches on our master bathroom. Then I plan to fixer upper style put everything back together just in time for Christmas Eve. I am so ready for our furniture and stuff to be in it’s place. The past four months have been a true test of my patience as I am used to having everything organized. Well, I passed and I’m ready for order again in my life.


Speaking of order, this week I’m hoping to get all of our Christmas preparations complete and I’m looking forward to it. I will mail out our cards tomorrow that I ordered from Minted – I love them! If you look closely you’ll see our permit hanging in the window- a glimpse into our real life!

I also plan on making a quadruple batch of my go-to Hot Chocolate Cookies tomorrow. I’ll freeze the dough so I can make batches for teacher’s gifts, my team at work, holiday Book Club and our New Year’s Eve party without any extra work.

Last but not least I hope to get Buel’s presents wrapped tomorrow! I had intentions to keep things simple this year and while I wouldn’t say I went overboard I also can’t stop buying more presents from “Santa” and this morning ordered him this adorable Little People Nativity Scene. I’ll be sharing my plan for presents with him while he’s little next week.

Besides my Christmas prep, not much is on the agenda this weekend! I’m looking forward to a low key weekend before traveling and celebrating next week.

How are you getting into the holiday spirit? Are you doing any preparations this weekend?

Scenes From Thanksgiving Weekend 2016


Good Morning!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I hope yours was as fun-packed as ours!

My weekend started on Wednesday with an early leave day. I dropped Buel off at daycare, worked out with my trainer and then worked from home. It was an adventure because we had our electrician over finishing some things up and Rich and the day off. Luckily I only had one conference call and once I was done for the day I was able to log off and get to work on prepping!  [Read more…]

My Grand Thanksgiving Plan: 2016

thanksgivingThis year will be the fourth year that we’ve hosted Thanksgiving. I’m an extremely organized person and we now have things down to a science. Every year I share my plans (you can read my previous ones here, here and here) as I tend to mix things up a bit. This year I’m mixing up the appetizers and trying a new sweet potato recipe. I’m looking forward to the day, as Thanksgiving has become one of the most relaxing days of the year due to my preparation. [Read more…]

Looking Forward to Fall


Good Morning!

Our weekend was absolute perfection! Friday night consisted of a date night at home on  (I made these). Saturday was filled with a morning brunch and Children’s museum play date with my friends Denise and Jeremy and their baby Jack, some productivity at home in the afternoon and a fun dinner party with two of our close couple friends. Yesterday was a great day as well! We went to church, spent time as a family and I spent two hours at the spa! It was the perfect combination of fun, relaxation and productivity.

On Saturday during nap time I spent some time switching out my clothes to late summer/early fall clothes and washing Buel’s fall wardrobe. I also started planning his first Birthday party (cue tears) and it got me looking forward to the season ahead. There’s a lot on the calendar and I’m thrilled for a new season to begin! [Read more…]

Fourth of July Weekend

Good Afternoon!

I’m stopping in to share a quick recap of our Fourth of July weekend. It was a fun one but quite frankly I’m still recovering!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The New Dad

Good Morning!

With Father’s Day coming up next week, I’m looking forward to celebrating Rich. It’s been fun to see him as a Dad and I’m excited to make a nice dinner and have lots of family time over the weekend to celebrate.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the New Dad [Read more…]