Scenes from Our Easter Weekend

Good Morning!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful, relaxing and family-filled as ours! We lucked out with perfect weather and a good mix of activities. Let’s spend a few minutes reliving the weekend together, shall we? [Read more…]

Simple Sunday Mornings

These days I live for our simple Sunday mornings. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week and our little family tradition keeps us grounded. [Read more…]

How We Manage Our Shared Calendar & To Do Lists

How We Manage Our Family Calendar

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests to share how we manage our schedule as two full-time working parents. After over four years of marriage and one year of parenthood, we’ve found a way to manage our family calendar in an easy, collaborative and stress-free way.

One day, Rich and I decided we were sick of him having to call me to check my planner to make plans. With his work schedule being all over the place and Buel going between daycare and his grandparents we decided that there had to be a better way. So we went digital.

Family Calendar

We went with Google Calendar since it was easy to sync with our phones and email. I liked the option to add multiple calendars and set up one for myself, Rich, Buel, Penny and our family. Now we all have our only color coded schedule that makes it easy to see what we all have going on. And yes, our Dog needs her own calendar because she goes to the doctor, daycare and gets monthly medicine.

Having a shared calendar helps us to map out our week and communicate our priorities. Since Rich’s work schedule varies, he puts any exceptions on the calendar so I know if I’ll be flying solo at night. On the same vein, I can add any work events to the calendar so he knows when he’s scheduling if he needs to be home.

Basically, it allows us to divide and conquer as parents and allows us to manage our busy work schedules and still fit in work out, social plans, dates and time to ourselves. We also share Buel’s calendar with his Grandpa so he can plan ahead and it’s been working very well!

Google Keep

When it comes to our shared to-do list, we recently found a much better way than the piece of paper that always seemed to get lost. We’ve been using Google Keep where we’ll keep a weekly list that we both have access to at any time. And the best part? It syncs with our calendar so that we can set reminders!

This system is not mind blowing, but it’s working extremely well for us. It’s allowed us to streamline our communication so that we spent much less time discussing the logistics of our day and more time enjoying each other’s company, which is the best reward!

How do you manage your family calendar? 

A Christmas Filled With Grace


Good Afternoon!

Looking back on our Christmas, it was a wonderful one. It was filled with peace and quiet, time with family and friends and lots of great memories. However, in the thick of it I found myself a bit sad and stressed but luckily I was able to realize it and own it as the days went on. It helped me get through my first Christmas without my Dad and now looking back I will have good memories.

The weekend kicked off with the best present ever, our remodel completion! It felt pretty surreal as things came together and we worked our butts off all week to get to that point. [Read more…]

A Much Needed Break in Portland


Good Morning!

We spent this past week off the coast of Oregon. We went in with no plans beyond our flight, rental car, hotel and attending my cousin’s wedding. After an especially busy Fall, I was ready for a weekend of spontaneity. So I left my usual planner mentality and told Rich that we were just going to go with the flow. [Read more…]

Forever and Always, Go Blue

Good Afternoon!

I hope you’re having a great Labor Day! I am currently relaxing on the couch while Buel naps and avoiding the load of laundry that needs to be put away. After being on the move for the past week and a half, it has felt nice to sit for a bit.

This morning started bright and early as Rich had to work and our construction crew surprisingly showed up at their normal 7:00am hour. I made the best of it and headed out for a walk, but was more than happy to enjoy some time to myself mid-day. I dropped Buel off with his grandparents and met my friend Denise to see Bad Moms after a full two months of trying to align our schedules. The movie was hilarious, but sitting in the quiet for ninety minutes was the best part.

This afternoon I’m stopping by to share some pictures of the tail end of our vacation. We road tripped to Michigan for the Wolverines’ home opener and to spend time with my family.

img_2373 [Read more…]

Christmas + Scenes from the Weekend

Good Morning!

Our Christmas festivities continued last week on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

IMG_2728.JPG [Read more…]

Christmas Eats + Traditions

Good Morning!

I hope you’re week is going well and that your Christmas preparations are not too hectic! Things have been going well over here and I’m spending the day picking up a few last minute gifts, grocery shopping and food prepping. My Dad has decided to drive up tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that as well!

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Christmas in Michigan

Good Evening!

We are back from our annual pre-Christmas trip to Michigan! We drove out last Tuesday and got back yesterday evening. The six days were a whirlwind and this year’s trip was extra special. It will be one that I will remember for years to come!

While we were there my blog hosting crashed and the site was down for a full 48 hours. I took that as a sign to unplug and loved the break so much that I am going to dial back the next few weeks to take some to truly enjoy the holidays.

This post is a bit of a photo dump, but I had to document it all. I hope you like baby pictures!

IMG_2531.JPG [Read more…]

My Grandpa Buel

Before we introduce you to our little one, I had to introduce you someone very special in my life, my Grandpa! He is the namesake for our little one and I am very excited to share his story with you.

img058 [Read more…]