Let’s Talk About Career

Good Morning!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, the answer is simple: I’ve been focused on my day job! It’s my busy season and I’m covering some additional workload this time around so I’m spending all my extra brainpower getting things done. [Read more…]

Work Life: Four Books That Changed The Way I Look At My Career

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Good Morning!

I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was the perfect combination of relaxing, productive and fun. I’m gearing up for a busy week in preparation for our vacation!

Today I’m continuing my Work Life series by sharing a few books that have changed the way I look at my career. I’m a huge dork when it comes to career development and try to read one non-fiction book per month. These are a few of my favorites! [Read more…]

Work Life: Finding My Flow



Good Morning!

Today I’m kicking a new series on the blog- Work Life! In this series I plan to share my experience as a working Mom and my strategies for staying organized, getting more work done in less time and keeping things at home running smoothly.

This is a constant battle for me and my hope is by sharing my experiences we can all learn from each other. So here we go! [Read more…]

How I Map Out My Week For Success

For awhile, this blog was focused on finding balance in my life. While I still strive to find some semblance of a balance in my life, I’m a believer that life comes in seasons and have learned to let life take it’s course rather than force balance.

Every week there are only so many hours in a day and there are many things each week that must get done both personally and professionally. I also make time for the things that are valuable to me-  my workouts, time with my family, time with friends and time to relax. That’s where planning comes in!

c281a4e9a7d423831f7b323fde9461d2source [Read more…]

Six Steps to Manage the Overwhelm

Let’s face it, life can be overwhelming. I’m a firm believer that life happens in seasons. Sometimes things are crazy, other times they are slow. That’s what makes life interesting and fortunately over the years I’ve learned to buck up and accept the crazy seasons and have learned to keep myself in check so I do not fall totally flat on my face.

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to San Jose and San Francisco the past three days from work.  Yes, that means I left the morning after we got back from Michigan. As “luck” would have it on Monday we started getting some movement on our house buying process. I’m also buried in legal paperwork and my work busy season kicked off this week while I was traveling so I think it’s safe to say I have a lot going on.


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Thoughts on Returning to Work

Good Morning!

The past twelve weeks have flown by and I’m soaking up the last few days of my maternity leave. My thoughts on returning to work are different than I expected and I’m feeling all of the emotions.

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Five Ways to Avoid Burnout

Good Afternoon!

After a jam-packed weekend, I woke up this morning with the attitude that it was going to be a long week. It led me to thinking that inevitably I would be burnt out by Friday, which got me thinking about the things I’ve added to my daily routine to prevent this from happening.

The key for me when it comes to accomplishing my to-do list is to prioritize and set boundaries. I’m no expert, but here are some things that I’ve been doing based on my daily experience. Over the past several months I’ve gone from remaining on constant overdrive to staying productive and calm. I have stayed that way by setting some “rules” for myself. Hopefully a few of these will work for you!

Five Ways to Avoid Burnout [Read more…]

Work Life Integration

Don't Confuse

When I was in San Francisco last month at a women’s conference, I learned a new term that has stuck in the back of my mind: work/life integration. [Read more…]

Five Things Friday

Good Morning!

It’s been a great week! Work and life having been going smoothly and I am over the moon with all the enthusiasm on my big pregnancy announcement. It’s been fun to share so far and I look forward to sharing this crazy journey.

As always, I’m stopping by to share some random thoughts from the week.


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How To Be Successful In Your First Month Of A New Job

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I’ve loved sharing my experience so far through this Career Talk series. So far we’ve covered applying for jobs, interviewing and follow-up. Today, I’m sharing five crucial tips for how to make a good impression in your first month on the job. In my opinion, first impressions matter and it’s important to come across as you want in the beginning.

Career Talk How to Make a Good Impression in Your First Month on the Job [Read more…]