In October 2015 I gave birth to my son, Buel Nicholas.


As a Working Mom, I try to share my honest thoughts and experiences. Here are some of my favorite motherhood posts.
Day in the Life: Working Motherhood (the early stage)
My Goal As A Mom
The Importance of Self Care
Day in the Life at One Year
How Motherhood Has Changed Me


From time to time I’ll also share tips on the different stages we’ve navigated.
Our Newborn Essentials
Transitioning to Solids and Table Food
Establishing A Bedtime Routine
Marriage After Baby
Lessons Learned While Traveling with a Baby


Last year I shared my parenthood journey during my first year of motherhood.

One Month of Parenthood Update
Two Months of Parenthood Update
Three Months of Parenthood
Four Months of Parenthood
Five Months of Parenthood
Six Months of Parenthood
Seven Months of Parenthood
Eight Months of Parenthood
Nine Months of Parenthood
Ten Months of Parenthood
Eleven Months of Parenthood
Twelve Months of Parenthood


I loved sharing about my pregnancy and documented my journey all the way from my first trimester through week 41. (to see my weekly day-in-the-life posts just search “pregnancy” in the side bar)


Some of my favorite pregnancy posts were those where I shared how it changed me- from my perspective, to my approach to food and fitness.


I also loved sharing tips during my pregnancy as I figured things out on my own after lots of research.

Postpartum Favorites
What I Packed in my Hospital Bag (and What I Actually Used)
Third Trimester Favorites
Second Trimester Favorites
First Trimester Pregnancy Lifesavers
Baby Prep Master List