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Good Morning!

This week I traveled to Napa Valley for a women in technology conference and am coming home inspired after getting out of my usual routine. I learned a lot though many great conversations and the trip gave me the extra boost I need to be ready for the next steps in my career.

I’ve always been someone who love learning and exploring new things. Before I met Rich (eight years ago today), I used to say that the main characteristic that I wanted in a husband was that he was not picky when it came to food, but I think what I wanted was someone who would want to continue to try new things. Despite how opposite we may be, I think the reason why we work is because we share the same values and are always up to learn something new. It’s the foundation of our relationship and I’m glad we have that as the foundation of our family.

I learned a lot new week and I thought I would share some of these things with you today.

First up, we have to start with a few tidbits I learned in wine country. We visited Chateau Montelena and learned all about it’s unique history. The property itself has been owned by a French family, Chinese family and now a Irish family but it’s most famous because there was a movie written about their wine that was the first to beat out the French in competition. I’m excited to watch Bottleshock tonight for myself and see what the story is all about!

I feel like the concept of minimalism is everywhere and I’m into it. I’ve been doing seasonal capsule wardrobes for the past several seasons and have learned to buy fewer, higher quality pieces. That’s the entire concept behind the brand Cuyana and I recently treated myself to their travel wallet. I brought it on my trip and it was perfect as a little clutch for going out and night and small enough to throw in my work bag with my laptop. Plus, it’s absolutely beautiful and high quality.

I’ve been seeing The Woman Code pop up over and over so I picked it up this week and I found it very intriguing.  In the book Alisa Vitti describes her personal experience learning to sync her routine to her hormones in order to improve her life. I’m not sure if I’ll make any major shifts to the way I live, but the concept of working with our bodies as women is a good one. If I employ any of the protocol, I’ll be sure to report back.

Another thing I’ve been seeing everywhere are Peloton Bikes. I was pumped to see my hotel had one in their gym and tried it out one morning. I have to say, I loved it and am seriously considering saving my pennies for one for home. Stadium style classes at home would be game changing!

Last but not least, I learned about the RealizD app during my conference and immediately downloaded it for myself. The app tracks your phone usage and it’s amazingly eye opening. I love the idea of using it to be more mindful!

What did you learn this week?



  1. lungingthroughlife says:

    Oh I need that app! I’ve heard of the freedom app too. I should look into that. Glad you’re home and had a good week!

  2. my husband has a huge cycling thing set up in our basement (he uses rollers) and he recently joined an indoor cycling group that uses those bikes. he loves them.

    • Nice! I love cycling as well and I’m lucky my husband does too so we can take family bike rides!

  3. Kelly @ Noodle to the Rescue says:

    I use the Moment app to track my phone use and it has really helped me to cut back!

  4. I love this post! I hate to say it, but sometimes I don’t feel like I’m learning anything lately because my brain feels like mush at the end of the day as a SAHM with two now. I was on a good kick of reading for a while but that all fell to the back burner since we have a newborn in the house! I haven’t heard of that book but it does look really interesting. I also LOVE that wallet. I need a new one so badly. I keep buying low quality ones. I just need to bite the bullet and spend a little more to have one that lasts!

  5. I saw your Instagram posts from Napa- it looked beautiful! Glad you had a good time and learned so much! My mom lives not far from there and I’ve been wanting to visit on one of our trips!


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