A Very Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Good Afternoon!

Our weekend was an accurate depiction of motherhood and filled with highs and lows. It would be easy to share an edited, pretty recap, but you know that’s not how I roll.

My usual Friday work-from-home day started off with a cuddly toddler in my bed bright and early. I had planned to have him home with me since he had his eighteen month appointment late in the morning, but just as we had settled in and I logged into work the sickness began!

Our plans quickly changed and I moved our appointment and went into damage control mode. My poor guy had a stomach bug and spent all day by my side sleeping and only waking up to get sick. I did a lot of laundry, cleaning and cuddling that day while I worked and my heart broke a little watching my son so miserable. Needless to say, I was happy to make it through the day and hoped for a better weekend!

The rest of our Friday was low key. I made our favorite Green Curry Chicken and sent Rich to get us ice cream. After a long day, enjoying my treat with a book in bed was a good ending to a rough day.

Thankfully we all slept great and turned a corner on Saturday morning. We decided a family day was in order and hoped some fresh air would do us all good, so we set out to buy plants for our garden!

We were up bright and early which made for perfect timing to swing into our favorite local bakery for delicious pastures. We all split a cookies &a cream croissant and raspberry cinnamon roll. Luckily B had a few bites and was seeming to feel better, which made the morning extra sweet.

Our next stop was the organic plant sale at a farm a few miles by our house. It felt so good to get outside and we lucked out with a beautiful day. There was music and lots of people watching to do while we filled our flat with plants for our garden.

After the plant sale it was just about lunchtime, so we headed home with our goods. During nap time Rich and I did the transplanting of our new seedlings. It ended up being the perfect nap time date! We listened to a Gardening mix Rich found on Spotify, planted and chatted.

I have to say, I completely get why people love gardening. It was super relaxing and nice to spend time together. And, we’re hoping that we will have lots of veggies and fresh herbs to eat this summer. I can’t wait!


Our garden turned out perfectly thanks to Rich’s measurement skills and afterwards we had some time to relax. The rest of the night was low key and by bedtime Buel was back to his typical energetic self.

My Mother’s Day started out with treats from my boys- Buel slept in until 6:40 and Rich brought him downstairs so I could sip coffee and read for a bit before getting ready for church. When they came upstairs they had made me a handmade card complete with pictures of our gardening adventures!

We enjoyed a great church service which included great music and a homily given by a Mom. Per usual, we spent most of the service taking turns watching Buel and ended up in the crying room for most of Mass.

After church we stopped for my favorite breakfast, bagels with lox and then decided to take them to the park to enjoy the beautiful day. Our picnic in the park was beautiful but messy since we did not have napkins, so in typical Mom fashion I cleaned us up using toilet covers and toilet paper from the bathroom. Whatever works!

The park was bustling and Buel enjoyed playing for a bit before we made our way home just in time for his nap. During the first half of nap time I packed for my work trip and Rich mowed the lawn. The second part of nap time and the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and I even finished my latest book.

In the late afternoon we went out for the last of our celebrations, dinner with Buel’s grandparents and uncle. I enjoyed a few glasses of champagne and we made it through most of dinner without a toddler meltdown, so all in all it was a great celebration!

We got home right around bedtime and I gave Buel a quick bath, read him my favorite book and then he quickly went down for the night. I spent a few minutes finishing up my packing and then we called it an early night because Rich is solo parenting this week and I had a morning flight to California.

All in all our weekend was a good one! Lots of sunshine, carbs and time with family was just what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I can’t wait to see how our veggie garden turns out!

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Mother’s Day?


  1. I’m so happy to hear he felt better quickly! The stomach bug is no joke with kiddos. Praying you don’t get it!! Happy (late) MOther’s Day! Sounds like you had some great times during the weekend!

  2. I’m glad Buel is feeling better!! And good thing you didn’t get it too! Happy belated Mother’s Day!

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