Healthy Habit Changes I’ve Made So Far This Year: Part Two


Good Morning!

Earlier this year I shared a list of habit changes I had made in the first month of the year. I’m happy to say that I’ve continued to make small shifts for the better and stuck with the changes I had made. I’m back for round two with four more shifts I’ve made as the year goes on.

Reading in the Morning

I read an article on how to read more and it recommended reading first thing when you wake up versus before bed in lieu of looking at your phone. I loved this idea and immediately implemented it. I’ve only been doing it for a week, but I almost got through an entire book and also feel a lot calmer in the morning.

Finding Balance with Food

As someone that dieted for years and years, I decided once and for all to stop tracking calories when I turned thirty. Months later I have broken the habit and have shifted to the mentality that things balance out. It’s been somewhat easy of a shift and I’ve started to listen to my body a lot better, which has been the goal all along.

Eating Takeout

I tend to be an all or nothing type of girl and tend to do best when I have some type of rules to hold me accountable. One “rule” I’ve toyed with is allowing myself to get takeout for one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner per week. Sometimes we’ll go out once or twice more than that, but in terms of food I’m grabbing to-go I typically stick to this rule and it works for me!

Finding Workouts to Look Forward To

Last but not least, I’ve stuck a good balance with my workouts lately. My doctor told me to go about 50% as hard as normal with mono, so I’ve been careful but have found a good routine. Since I’m in my work busy season I typically aim for two morning workouts during the week and then have been taking a class on Saturday. This is my “treat” workout and look forward to trying something new or an old, expensive favorite class like spin or yoga. For now, this routine is working for me because it’s realistic and enjoyable.

What healthy habits have you added to your lifestyle this year?


  1. i’ve learned to listen to my body this year because i’ve been training with injuries for nearly 2 years and recently, i’ve finally started listening to my body and cut back on my workouts to focus on was difficult since i’m so used to training 6 days a week but it’s been really good; my body is healing and i’m feeling so motivated to smash pads when i do go to the gym!

  2. Reading when you wake up… genius!! I JUST posted today how I’m struggling to get through a book because I’m always so tired!

  3. chelseajacobs says:

    Finding a workout you can look forward to is a serious game changer!

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