Finding Contentment in the Flow

Good Morning!

I hope you had a refreshing weekend! Mine was just what I needed. I hosted book club on Friday, made it to a yoga class, met up with my Aunt and cousin in the city for dinner Saturday night and spent all of Sunday in my pajamas. The time to myself plus rest and family time filled my tank and I’m ready to take on the week!

I’m stopping in today to share my intention for the month, which is to simply let things flow.

You may have noticed, but I’ve felt a bit of shift happening in my personality over the past several months. As someone who had a true “hustle mentality” for so long, I’m enjoying this new shift and the direction I’m moving in.

The past month I’ve been even more introspective than normal, which is saying a lot. But, after getting mono and not realizing it for weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and thinking through how I want to live my life.

When I sat in the doctor’s office discussing the fact that I failed to realize I had strep for a month, I had an immediate wake up call. I was doing too much and I realized how much I had been putting on my own plate both at home and at work.

After discussing with Rich we made some small shifts at home that have made a big difference in how I’m feeling. We basically did an audit of everything I was doing on a weekly and monthly basis so that he could take some things off my plate.

At work, I’ve been extremely protective of my time. I’m in my busy season and in order to meet my deadlines I’m blocking the time needed to complete my tasks, sticking to it and taking things day by day. In my role there are a lot of rolling projects that I necessary can’t cross right off my to-do list, so I’ve been thinking more about making progress vs completion and it’s been a game changing mentality shift.

So, I guess the point I’m trying to make with my intention is not to force myself to “do” all the time. Over the past few weeks I’ve learned to leave space in my calendar, prioritize and not force myself to go above and beyond so that I can be more present in my daily life. I’m a work in progress, but this has been a welcome change and I’m looking forward to seeing where the month takes me.

What are your intentions this month?




  1. Taking a step back to re-prioritize my priorities has been a huge help for me mentally. I often find myself saying “yes” to everything that sounds good, and then eventually I realize I’m spreading myself way too thin. Even though I was doing things I truly enjoyed, there is only so much time and energy to do them! Focusing on my current “top 5” priorities has made it easier for me to say no to things (even if I’m only saying no to myself) and feel less stress, and more connected to my priorities. My intention this morning is to continue to focus on running when it comes to “hobby time” and also to start taking steps I need for professional development for my new(ish) role at work.

    • Love the idea of the top 5. I agree, prioritizing is so key. I tend to do the same thing so I’ve become extra aware and am pretty meticulous with my time these days which helps. Good luck this month!

  2. I had strep for a week earlier this year and didn’t realize it, so I can relate a bit. I feel like we’ve been in a busy season but I don’t mind it, and yet I try to take time to relax also. We’ve been eating leftovers and super easy meals, and I spend my hour after coming home from work just playing with R and it’s been SO nice. I’m in a good place right now!

    • I love that you take time to play! Sometimes I leave a bit early on nice days so we can fit in 20 minutes at the park, but other than that we rush home, eat dinner and do bedtime immediately. Oh well, that’s what the weekends are for. So glad you’re able to get some calm before the storm of transition. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I always love your perspective, and truly appreciate your words of wisdom! I feel like we are in very similar stages of life – busy at work, loving our careers, but also juggling family time and self care. It can be hard like you said to, “leave space in my calendar” but oh my goodness, does it make a world of difference. Even just the past couple weekends where I didn’t PLAN anything, was like a breathe of fresh air. I usually THRIVE on being busy and go go go, but you don’t realize how worn down you are until you stop. And have nothing to do. What exactly do you do again? You’re not in accounting are you?

    • I feel like we’re in similar stages as well! I intentionally leave time lately since I know I tend to burn myself out. It works, to some extent. My role is unique- I work for an IT services company and manage the Marketing relationships with our software vendors like Adobe, Microsoft and Google. It’s part Media Planning, part Sales and I really love it!

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