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Good Morning!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, the answer is simple: I’ve been focused on my day job! It’s my busy season and I’m covering some additional workload this time around so I’m spending all my extra brainpower getting things done.

Instead of forcing myself to write blog posts while my energy is limited, I’ve decided to take a step back from blogging and just stop in when I have the time and energy. In all honestly I’m proud of myself for doing this and feel 100% aligned to my priorities- taking care of myself, being a Mom and Wife, getting my work done and keeping my household running comes first.

Second comes my social life (thankfully my friends are just as busy and understand) and working out. And third? Blogging and Television, you know those things that are nice to do if there’s time but not necessarily a priority- they will be there when you want to spend your time that way.

I have a few post ideas up my sleeve, but in the meantime I thought that I would shed some light on the obvious topic- my career! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite posts from over the past few years. It’s been a journey and I’m lucky to enjoy going into work in my current role. It wasn’t always that way for me, so here are some perspectives I’ve shared over the years while I’ve worked to get there.

Five Ways to Maximize Your Unemployment

“Started from the bottom now we’re here?” Yeah, I’ve been there THREE times! Call it bad luck, but I worked in Advertising during the bottom of the recession when a lot of changes were happening. Twice the companies I worked for closed and once was in a role at a company that stretched their employees way too thin and then my Mom got sick and they put me on probation. I learned a lot from those times and shared some advice in this post.

Applying for Jobs

Needless to say after a business degree and three job hunts later I learned a lot about applying for jobs. I’m still the go-to for a lot of my friends when it comes to hunting advice and I’m happy to give it, because you’ll never know when you will be the one in need of a career boost. I share some advice I learned in this post and although I’m sure some things have changed in the past three years, networking is networking and I still stand by my advice.

How to Nail a Job Interview

I have lost count of how many job interviews I’ve been on over the years, but I would say that the number is somewhere south of one hundred after my last round of looking while stuck in a non-compete at a company that was slowly closing it’s doors. I spent eight months going on dozens and dozens of interviews and shared some thoughts in this post that I share often with friends.

Dos and Don’ts of Interview Follow Up

I always describe interview follow up like dating because it’s the absolute best comparison. Waiting for a call back is brutal and often times you get ghosted on and it’s horrible. I wrote about some strategies that worked for me in this post and still think they reign true today.

How to Be Successful in the First Month of a New Job

Thank goodness, you finally found a new job you’re excited about. Well, the process does not end when you start and I almost think that your first several weeks or even close to a year at your job are what will set you apart in the long run. This time around I did things a bit differently and thought about how I wanted myself portrayed at my current company and it worked wonders. I shared some of the things I did to set myself apart in this post.

Working Motherhood: One Year Later

Balancing your career and personal life is already tough, but adding motherhood to the mix is tough. After a year of returning to work from maternity leave I thought long and hard before sharing my thoughts in this post. Spoiler alert, I have to say that I have zero regrets about going back to work and I think it is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a Mom.

Four Books That Changed The Way I Look at My Career

Last but not least, here is a post where I shared some books that I thought were valuable to how I approach my career. Definitely check out if you’re interested in this stuff like I am!

What is the best career advice you’ve gotten?



  1. I’m glad you love your job so much and enjoy being a working mom ๐Ÿ™‚ That is awesome! I hope you are still able to relax some during this busy season.

  2. Glad things at work have been going well for you! I totally hear you… sometimes blogging has to take a back seat!

  3. I agree with you – going back to work and being a working mom was just the right decision for me too! And thanks for all those awesome tips on job hunting! you never know when you might need them!

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