Scenes from Our Easter Weekend

Good Morning!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful, relaxing and family-filled as ours! We lucked out with perfect weather and a good mix of activities. Let’s spend a few minutes reliving the weekend together, shall we?


The weekend kicked off with a low-key Friday night at home. Buel tried his first bowl of clam chowder, which lead to Penny quickly being covered in soup. I can’t say I blame him and it was a total Mom fail, but quite hilarious. After that we called it an early bedtime, which was totally fine with me after a long work week.



Saturday was a perfect day! Rich arranged for Buel to hang out with his Grandpa and Grandma in the morning while he was at work, which gave the morning to myself. I slept in, got a much needed pedicure with a gift certificate I got for my Birthday back in August and saw Beauty and the Beast. It was such a treat and it felt great to recharge my batteries.


My afternoon was devoted to spending time with my little man, starting with a trip to the park! We are lucky to have several fun parks nearby and even have a park with a toddler appropriate section in our neighborhood. Buel was so happy to be out and about after a few rainy weeks- we went on the swings four separate times and took several trips down the slides.


Earlier in the week I saw an easy Easter craft on Pinterest and thanks to Amazon Prime I had the components at my doorstep just in time for a weekend craft. When we got home from the park, I quickly cut two different potatoes in half, carved up a few designs and Buel went to town painting and stamping with them.

The craft turned out super cute and I’m so thankful I found washable paint- such a game changer! Buel also spent a good twenty minutes re-organizing the bottles over and over which gave me a few minutes to chill after a busy afternoon.

After bed time Rich and I spent a little over an hour prepping for Easter. I prepped the food for brunch while he got the house ready. We were maxed out after that, so we decided that takeout sushi on our deck sounded like the perfect way to end our night.



Our Easter Sunday began nice and early with a 5:15 wake up call. On the bright side, it made it easy to get to the early mass and get a spot in the crying room. 

We arrived home from mass with plenty of time to put brunch in the oven, get a few cups of coffee in us and relax before hosting. In the meantime Buel opened up his basket. It was filled with stickers, a new Pout Pout Fish book, chalk, blocks, a bubble trumpet and a stuffed lamb.

We had a nice brunch with my in-laws and I kept it simple with my usual brunch spread. I served bacon & egg casserole, monkey bread muffins and fruit salad. Everyone enjoyed it and just as Buel went down for his nap we cleaned up and then they headed out so we could rest up for the work week.

We spent Buel’s nap time finishing clean-up, quickly prepping our dinner and then had a few hours to relax since the little man decided to gift us with a four hour nap. I read (currently hooked on Small Great Things) while Rich napped and it was glorious!

When Buel woke up the beautiful weather was calling our name, so we made our way outside for a family walk. We like to take advantage of the trail attached to our neighborhood as much as possible when the weather allows!

Our typical Easter dinner of lamb chops, asparagus and potatoes hit the spot, but a toddler meltdown made for a quick meal. He was all cuddles after a bath and his new book and was fast asleep before the sun went down.

After bed time Rich ran out to grab us a treat and we spend the evening winding down eating ice cream in bed. We went to bed exhausted and content after a long, but enjoyable family day.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. lungingthroughlife says:

    A 4 hour nap?! What an Easter treat! Annabelle treated us to not crying at the nursery at church, and smiling as she came out after. She isn’t a huge fan so this was HUGE! I’m glad you had the morning on Saturday to just recharge. You totally need it after your sickness!

  2. Kelly @ Noodle to the Rescue says:

    Sounds like a really nice weekend! A great mix of family time and by-yourself time, good food, nice weather! Buel looks so sharp in his button-down. 🙂

  3. Such a great weekend! Look at all those fun outdoor treats in his easter basket! I can’t wait to buy sidewalk chalk! I’m glad you had some time to yourself – I think that’s SO worth every single penny!

  4. What a nice weekend. And a whole morning to yourself followed by family time, heaven!! Glad your feeling better!

  5. Aw his Easter basket is so cute! I want to read Small Great Things so badly!

  6. MMMmmmmm, your brunch sounds so good! And I want to hear more about this potato stamping activity — you know, for future reference. 🙂 Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend –your little man is too cute!

    • It was so easy!!!! I just cut the potato and used a chopstick to carve polka dots, stripes etc. Then we used as a stamp.

  7. What the what? A four-hour nap! That is insane. I don’t think R has ever gone past 3 hours. Wow! He looks so cool in his sweet blue shades. Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

  8. chelseajacobs says:

    I love the playground picture! He looks so happy!

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