Simple Sunday Mornings

These days I live for our simple Sunday mornings. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week and our little family tradition keeps us grounded.

We finally found our groove with going to church and even though mass with a toddler can be a bit stressful, it’s worth it. Afterwards we always get coffee, usually at our favorite coffee shop but sometimes we’ll add breakfast to the mix. If it’s nice we’ll head to the park or walk around our little downtown. This little dose of spontaneity is exactly what we need.

Either way, the timing usually works out perfectly and afterwards we’ll get home just in time for nap time and we’ll take a few hours to ourselves to relax and recharge.

For years I worked towards balance and I do believe that lately I have found it. I’m working hard professionally and moving myself forward, doing the best I can as a parent, keeping our household running like clockwork, finding time for my marriage and friends while making sure to take care of myself.

Balance is a good thing, but I have to admit that life lately has felt a bit unremarkable. The weeks pass quickly and sometimes working, parenting and taking care of our day-to-day can seem like a bit of a grind. But every now and again I’ll take a step back and remember that simple can be good.

The rest of our Sunday involves taking a few minutes to prep for the week, making something a little more intensive than our weekday meals for dinner and one final victory lap of winding down after bedtime where we soak up a bit of time as a couple before the work week begins.

This morning was a good reminder to slow down and enjoy this season of life. I’m grateful that I’ve found a balance in our day-to-day and take the opportunity to add some adventure to our lives when the opportunities present themselves.

What was one moment lately where you stopped to enjoy it?


  1. Simple mornings are the best!! Looks like a lovely morning together 🙂 The last moment I truly stopped to enjoy was when I was walking home with my boyfriend from work the other day together. It was beautiful and sunny out and I just thought, how lucky am I?

  2. Life as a mom, especially one working, is crazy and busy. I’m glad you take sundays to unwind and enjoy your little fam. Breakfast is one of our favorite meals to go out for but L is a little to wild to enjoy it right now!

    • I feel that! Breakfast seems to be ok since he’s happiest in the morning. We figure the more we go, the more used to it B will be!

  3. I love this! Sundays are my favorite too to catch up on life.

  4. LOVE! Slowing down and enjoying a simplistic tradition on the reg is so nice. Life moves so fast every other day of the week, that keeping these little traditions afloat is what keeps me sane!

  5. What a nice family tradition – I love it!

    I sometimes get that same feeling of just going through the daily grind with work, housework, family, etc. but it is so good to take a step back and see the great things in life.

  6. Sunday mornings are my absolute favorite! Your little man is so cute eating at the table! Glad you guys get some much needed down time!

  7. Wonderful post! I’m currently on maternity leave (baby #2) and my husband is off work a few weeks as well so I am loving waking up when we hear our toddler chattering to himself and getting to have a lazy start to each day! These quiet moments with family go by so fast and are so precious.

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