Girls’ Weekend in Northern Michigan

Good Morning! I’m back to reality after a trip to Northern Michigan with my friends Katelyn, Ashley and Valerie. I had a bit of a rocky start to my trip with two delayed flights which got me there 24 hours after I had initially planned, but it was worth the wait. In the end the trip was filled with lots of fun, relaxation, adventure, good food and drinks!



My original plan was to fly from Chicago to Detroit to a tiny airport in the town of Pellston, MI on Friday. It was the perfect storm of bad travel luck-my first flight was delayed by two hours due to mechanical issues, which caused me to miss my second flight and then my rescheduled flight was cancelled. It was a stressful night, maybe more so for my friends who were on speaker as I discussed my options and debated flying back home after a long day of delays.

In the end, everything worked out great. During my delay in Detroit my cousin Megan came and got me and I got to spend the day with her and my family. We went to my favorite sushi restaurant, I got to hang out with her kids and then we went to my uncle’s house to hang out and wait for my evening flight. After my cancelled flight I got a night to myself in the hotel airport where I ordered room service and rented a movie and lived every Mom’s dream, a night of peace to myself!


Bright and early on Saturday morning I flew to Traverse City, MI which was about a two hour drive from our cabin. My amazing friends drove in the snow to get me and then we had a spontaneous day exploring the bustling town.

Our first stop was to Patisserie Amie for the most delicious French brunch. We were too busy catching up so I do have any photo proof, but the food was delicious and I would highly recommend it if you find yourself in Traverse City.  After brunch, we made our way to Taproot Cider House for some cider flights and much more conversation.

We enjoyed sharing and sampling the ciders, but looking back my favorite part was being all together. The four of us are best friends from High School and while we were missing our friends Lauren and Katie who complete the group, it was so nice to be together and honestly feel like we just saw each other yesterday.

I think that’s the secret to lifetime friendships- being there for each other when you need to be but not holding too many expectations of how often you need to see each other and rather just enjoying the time when you have it!

We spent some time exploring downtown Traverse City and did a bit of shopping before starting our drive home. To break up the drive we stopped at Short’s Brewing Company for another tasting flight and were happy to check it off the list since we all had never been.

The beer was great but they were celebrating the anniversary of their cider so we mainly continued with our theme. I love a good Michigan hard cider so I was a happy girl and I almost forgot about my crazy travel day.

In the evening we made it back to the cabin just in time for a peek of the sunset and then settled in for a cozy dinner. Katelyn made her famous spicy rice balls as a request from yours truly and we ended the night with more long conversations that lasted until the middle of the night for the others, but for me I went to bed at my typical early time. 😉



We had a slow start to the morning on Sunday and enjoyed a veggie frittata and several cups of coffee before making our way to Pond Hill Farm for an afternoon of adventures. Pond Hill Farm was the most adorable property with a four season path, farm, winery, brewery and more! We had a blast snowshoeing- for Valerie, Ashley and I it was our first time!


Initially we discussed snowshoeing “just for the pictures,” but we ended up being quite into it! So much so that we did get stopped for pictures by the local newspaper!

The trail was absolutely breathtaking and we were the only ones out which made it seem even more special. Once we had worked up an appetite, it was time to try out the goods!


Pond Hill Farm is known for great food, beer and wine but we had no problem choosing because we tried it all! Our favorites were the tomato soup and Parmesan crusted grilled cheese, the golden beet ale, the pepper jelly with crackers, the dry white wines and the ciders. You really couldn’t go wrong!

Before dinner we took a sunset walk by the beach and were gifted with an absolutely breathtaking view. We took pictures and I fell into Lake Michigan up to my shins but that did not stop me from enjoying the view. So beautiful!


Sunday night’s dinner was a roasted butternut squash and fennel soup accompanied by all of the snacks. We happily grazed and we watched the Oscar’s and soaked up the last of our non-stop conversation before I called it another early night to rest up for a smooth flight back that got me home in time to log on for work.

This weekend was a reminder of just how lucky I am when it comes to friendships. I have been through so much with these women and I’m grateful to have had some quality time. Our typical communication is a group text where we share all our big news- from engagements, to new job news, to our struggles and our losses. It was so nice to catch up in person and I cannot wait to do it again so we can pick up where we left off.


  1. Old friends are so great like that 🙂 I feel the same way when I’m with my high school friends – we don’t see each other all that often, or really keep in touch that well (oops), but it feels like no time has passed and we can just pick up where we left off.

    • I think that’s the beauty of it, because you’ve been friends for so long the need to keep in touch constantly is not 100% necessary. I think it is a nice expectation and awesome.

  2. That looks like the best trip! I want to try snowshoeing, it looks so fun!

  3. What a fun trip! That last picture is AMAZING!

  4. This looks like so much fun! Makes me want to have a vacation with my girlfriends 🙂 I’m glad you ended up getting there after all your flight mishaps!


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