Healthy Habit Changes I’ve Made So Far This Year

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, according to research most people fall off the wagon around February 4th. However, it’s never too late to make small, manageable changes. Without much effort, I’ve managed to make several small changes that have helped bring a bit more healthy balance to my life.

For me, if I’m tired I tend to “fall off the wagon” quickly. I tend to skip workouts, eat a bit more sugar and generally let my efforts fall to the wayside.

One small change I’ve made recently is to simply get in bed earlier. It takes effort to pull myself away from whatever I’m doing, but it’s worth it. Most nights I wind down with a quick bath and then hop in bed and attempt to stay off my phone. This usually leads me to shut the lights off around 10:00 instead of starting the getting ready process when it’s already late.

I’m loving Cauliflower Rice for a quick dinner side lately. I have been serving it in lieu of rice, because I honestly do not miss it! We’ve been stocking up on several bags at a time of the Trader Joe’s frozen version and it’s been our go-to.

My favorite way to make it is quickly sauté it in some coconut oil until it starts to brown and then take it off the heat and stir in lime juice and cilantro. We have served this with lettuce wrap tacos and garlic lime pork chops. Easy and delicious!

Thanks to Whole30 I’ve completely shifted my drinking habits. A lot of times in the past I would have a glass of wine or two on a weeknight, but I’ve found that I feel much better when I wind down in other ways. My obsession lately is Kombucha and I’ve noticed a huge change in my digestion.

And when I do have that glass of wine? (or beer, or cocktail) I really enjoy it.

I’ve also shifted away from the “treat a night” mentality I’ve had in the past. I’ve realized that most nights I’m not actually hungry after dinner and do not actually want dessert, but that it had become a habit. Once I removed that habit I’ve come to think more about what’s “worth it” and tend to wait until I know exactly what sounds good and am ready to enjoy it. It’s a huge shift for me and I find it much more enjoyable.

Last year I made working out a habit and I’m still at it. I’ve been switching up my workouts to include more cardio and spacing out my strength workouts. I have been doing 20-30 minutes of cardio plus 2-3 muscle groups each morning and work through every muscle group throughout the week. I’m loving this routine because it’s helping me mix things up and keep from getting bored. I’m having fun with my fitness and it’s awesome.

Finally, I’ve been extremely aware of how I schedule my time and have found a good balance. I have found that by doing this, I’m able to fit in everything I want and need to do while still leaving time for relaxation. Case in point? I’ve been leaving weekends open without plans so that I can fill them in with whatever I need to recharge. I try to do this before and after I have a jam-packed weekend scheduled and it helps manage my burnout.

I do this during the week too and have become quite a procrastinator. If something on my to-do list can wait, it gets pushed out with enough time to accomplish it when it needs to happen. If I’m feeling overwhelmed I erase my calendar and start over.

These are all welcome changes to my lifestyle and I’m really grateful for the place I’m in right now. After so many years of pushing and working towards goals, it’s been nice to realize that while I can always do better, I’ve found a lifestyle I love to live and feel great.

What heathy habits have you added to your routine this year? What habits would you love to add (or stop)?


  1. What a fantastic collection of healthy changes!!! One I really want to implement is getting to bed earlier. It’s so hard for me to not get distracted and always want to do “just one more thing” before bedtime. I am also interested to hear how much kombucha has helped your digestion! Do you happen to know if kombucha is safe for expectant mothers!?!?!?

    • My doctor said yes and I had it here and there while pregnant! So excited for you. Enjoy that sleep while you can. 😉

  2. I love that you’ve found great balance! I can also relate to wanting to have a treat every night or after dinner. It truly is a habit and not something I “need” every night though. I just tried some kombucha for the first time the other day. I wasn’t in love (maybe it was just the flavor) but it was better than I thought. I’d love to start trying to have more of those.

    There’s a lot of changes I want to make but between my work schedule constantly being all over the place and having a new baby soon, I’m being kind of lazy in setting my hopes up for anything solid until at least summer. Just not the right season for me to set a lot of goals!

  3. 100% yes to going to sleep early for the night and switching up the workouts! keep it up; you’re doing great 😉

  4. I am totally stuck in the treat or glass of wine every night habit right now. Sometimes like you said I don’t even want it but I always have it. Good for you for making all these healthy changes!

  5. Kelly @ Noodle to the Rescue says:

    The biggest change for me this year is that I started setting my alarm for 5 am to workout/shower before the kids wake up. That means I have to be more strict as well about getting to bed by 9:30 so I’m not exhausted in the morning. But now that I’ve settled into the routine it’s not as hard to keep going and it makes the day so much better to start out that way.

  6. Kelly @ Noodle to the Rescue says:

    The biggest change for me this year is that I’ve started setting my alarm at 5 am to workout & shower before the kids wake up. That means I have to be really strict about getting to bed by 9:30 so I’m not exhausted in the morning. It was hard to get up so early the first couple times but now that I’m in the routine it’s not so bad and makes the day so much better overall to start out that way.

  7. Not having a treat every night / less sugar in general is the biggest change I’ve made and it feels so good! Like you said, it was just a habit. I’ve started a mint tea habit instead and am loving it 🙂

  8. I have to make small, manageable goals or I’ll fall off the wagon, too. I’ve been leaving my weekend open for recharging as well, but I need to back off the glass of wine almost every night to relax!

  9. Sounds like you are really killing it this year so far! That’s awesome. Very inspiring!


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