A Breath of Fresh Air

Good Morning!

I hope you had a great weekend! I have to admit, I was struggling with my “topic” to write about today, when it hit me… why not write about our weekend!? It’s been awhile since I shared a weekend recap and this one was a good one. It was nothing too special or out of the ordinary and we went into it with absolutely no plans but we filled it with good stuff.

First and foremost, we spent a lot of time outside this weekend!! It was 60 degrees and beautiful in Chicagoland this weekend and it was such a breath of fresh air to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Buel and I got outside for walks both days and had some long park sessions on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Man, he is so my kid- he is such a daredevil and no obstacle is off-limits for him.

We also caught up on sleep and thank goodness I’m feeling human again today! I have to admit, while I like to go out and have fun, these days I definitely welcome weekends when I can go to bed early. My kid will be up at 6:00 no matter what time I go to bed, so I was happy that I took advantage and rested.

We also cooked some delicious, healthy meals this weekend and it made me happy! It’s fair to say that three weeks post-Whole30 that clean eating is becoming our new norm. Rich had to work both days this weekend, but we were able to fit in some home-cooked breakfasts and dinners together. On Friday I made Shrimp Green Curry, Saturday we grilled up some Steak Tacos and Sunday night I roasted some Chicken.

I spent a bit of time getting our household back in order this weekend, but nothing crazy. I saved my grocery shopping for Saturday morning this week so I could on my couch all day Friday during my work from home day. It ended up being a good little outing for Buel and I and we split a green smoothie while we breezed through the store at 7:30 in the morning.

One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while is stock our freezer with some easy options for toddler meals, so during Saturday nap time I spent about 90 minutes doing just that. I made spinach banana mini muffins for breakfast and snacks plus some macaroni and cheese muffins and pesto chicken veggie meatballs for lunch and dinners. Having these on hand gives me peace of mind and makes me feel slightly less guilty for all the quick, throw together meals I feed him during the week. Anything to lessen my mom guilt! 😉

We also spent a good chunk of our Sunday afternoon at the library! This was the end of a solid mom and son date to the coffee shot for an afternoon almond milk latte for me to bring to the park.

Our local library has an awesome kids set-up and has about a dozen stations for kids to play at featuring a puppet show area, a coloring table, a block area, a huge train table, tons of interactive wall games and a room that’s basically a Melissa and Doug stockroom. Buel loved it all but was obsessed with this play telephone that he carried throughout the library. I braced myself for a meltdown, but luckily I was able to distract him enough to get out of there unscathed.

Not pictured is our game night for two on Friday night featuring two rounds of Scattergories, an early morning hot yoga class with my friend Denise, lots of texting with my friend Stephanie when she went into labor and had a beautiful baby girl on Friday and a bowl of ice cream that I enjoyed during the premiere of Big Little Lies last night. It was a really good weekend!

How was your weekend? Are you off today, or are you back at it like me?



  1. Love that I stumbled across your little piece of the internet 🙂 Back at work here. Weather was the same in Nebraska and we played so hard I didn’t even make it to the grocery store. Great toddler food ideas.

  2. lungingthroughlife says:

    So fun! We spent lots of time outside. I am going to look at those recipes now! I love going to our library. We have two close by and A loves them!

  3. Those spinach banana muffins look fantastic! Glad you had a great weekend outside!

  4. What a lovely weekend! We had warm sunny weather in PA this weekend too–it was awesome! What a cute library set up for the kids!

  5. Weekends with no plans and nice weather are the very best in my opinion 🙂 That looks like a wonderful library! I love the library story hour I’ve been going to, but the library itself is really small. I need to get out an explore the other libraries in Austin!

    • I wish that we had story time at our library on the weekend! The times for us are during the week while I’m at work. 🙁

  6. This sounds like SUCH a great weekend!
    Just saw the comment above – I wish my library had storytime on the weekends too, So many of the fun meet-ups and classes are during working hours. :-/

  7. I love his little tool belt! That is so fun!


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