Let’s Have Coffee

Good Morning!

I’m currently on my second cup of coffee and am seriously considering brewing another pot so that I can have a third (and maybe fourth) cup today. In the meantime, it’s a good time for us to catch up. Grab your favorite beverage and let’s chat!

If we were having coffee today, first off, I would apologize right off the bat for dumping on you because it’s been a doozy of a week! I would yawn, apologize and then explain that Buel had an awful double ear infection and fever all week. But that things were looking up and I’m so thankful for a flexible job and for teamwork in my marriage.

Speaking of my marriage, you would ask how things are going and I would gush. We’re in a really good phase after a rocky year and it feels really good. It seems a bit silly, but completing Whole30 together has been so good for our marriage. And I know, it sounds a little annoying to hear me say that a “diet” has improved our marriage but it’s really been a lifestyle change. Focusing on our health together has affected several other areas of our life and it’s been a blessing.

I would tell you how thankful I am for this slow phase and for having time to focus on our family and marriage. Last year felt like a crazy roller coaster and we ended the year feeling a bit off, so we decided to talk to someone about it and it’s been so, so helpful. We’ve had one session per month and it’s felt like a tune up for our marriage, which has been awesome.

I would ask about your love life and we would commiserate about the annoyances in the day-to-day, because it really is the little things that build up that cause issues and that’s totally normal. Overall, we agree that taking care of yourself is so key for any relationship because your tank needs to be filled before you can take care of anyone else.

Then our conversation would naturally shift to motherhood and I would talk about a realization about the balance between work and motherhood. This week was one where I had trouble separating my two “lives”- I received a call from day care on Monday while I was at a work dinner downtown and unable to pick Buel up and on Tuesday I worked from home to stay with him. As I juggled both my work and mom duties, the thing I realized is that the reason why working motherhood is so hard is that you can never really separate the two. At work, I’m always going to be worrying about my son and at home I’m always going to think about the things that I need to get done at work. And I’ve realized that that’s completely fine.

Other than that, things are going well on the kid front. I’ve been able to find routines that work for us. I’m a nerd and am excited to spend some time this weekend making freezer food for Buel- I’m planning on making spinach banana mini muffins, chicken carrot meatballs and macaroni and cheese muffins. It’ll be nice to pack better lunches for him during the week and hopefully ease my Mom guilt. (yeah right)

I would ask you about your weekend plans and you would tell me about all of the fun things you have planned. I would get a bit of FOMO, but then happily confess that we have zero plans and I’m totally fine with that. Last weekend we got out of the house for a date night for the first time in awhile and had an amazing dinner at Band of Bohemia. This weekend I’m ready to chill and hang with my little man!

I would talk about the girls’ trip that I am going on with my girlfriends from High School. We are meeting up at my friend Katelyn’s cottage in Northern Michigan for the ultimate relaxing weekend. We plan on being outside, catching up, eating good food and drinking wine. Beyond next weekend I have no trips planned, but I am feeling antsy to plan something. We’re currently debating where to go in September for our annual anniversary trip. Right now our top three choices are New Orleans, Austin and Charleston where we would plan on exploring and eating our way through the cities.

You would tell me all about your current goals and how you’re rocking them and we would high five, because working towards goals is a great thing. For me, I’m currently on autopilot and making progress in all areas of my life without any real, concrete goals. I would tell you that Rich is the one right now with big goals and how he won member of the month at his Crossfit gym and it’s keeping me motivated.

We would end our conversation quickly catching up on our current obsessions. I would tell you that I’m super excited for Big Little Lies to premiere on HBO this weekend, that I’m super pumped to make green curry for dinner for the third time this month tonight and that I am oddly obsessed with these teeth whitening strips, random right? But this is why we’re friends.

I would tell you how much better I feel now that we caught up, because sometimes all you need is some time to vent to a good friend, so thank you! We would agree we need to do this more often- so let’s do it! 🙂


  1. I’m on my second cup of coffee, too 😊 I would love the recipes for the meatballs and the muffins!! Can you share if they are good?

  2. Love this!! I’ve been to all 3 cities in your travel plans, so LMK what you decide and I’ll share some of my tips! Sorry to hear about Buel not feeling well, and I hope he’s better and you well-rested before the girl’s trip next weekend!

  3. Right there with you and the ear infections, today is the first day that I think she is finally feeling back to her old self. It’s been a really long week!!!

  4. Hi katie , i live in austin n would love to meet u .. i read ur blog regularly .. i am from india

  5. Your girls weekend sounds so fun! We’re in the process of planning all of our trips for the year too…I love the planning just as much as the trips 🙂 I live in Austin and love New Orleans and Charleston too, you can’t go wrong with those three!

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