Mom Talk: Making Time for Yourself

self care ideas for moms

In my 2016 reader survey, I had several requests for a post on how on manage my stress. The answer? I’ve learned to take care of myself.

Even before I became a Mom and self care became a buzz word, I’ve been practicing it. But this past year it’s become vital. I can’t say enough how important this is for me as a Mom. I truly feel that taking care of myself is also taking care of my family.

A few years ago I shared a list of things I do to treat myself regularly and last year I wrote about why self care is so important to me. Today I thought I would share even more practical ways that I’ve learned to keep my stress levels in check.

Here are some things I do to practice self care as a Mom:

  1. I communicate my need to my husbands so we can co-parent and I do not take on too much by myself. There’s no need to be a martyr!
  2. I take time each Friday to close out my work week and map out the upcoming week.
  3. Sunday mornings are for family. We’ve gotten in a good routine of going to church, grabbing coffee and then going to the park. Then I do a few things to prep for the week.
  4. I schedule my workouts like I would appointments and stick to them. This is truly my non-negotiable “me time.”
  5. I take time every other week during my lunch hour to get my nails done. It makes a HUGE difference in how I feel!
  6. I also get my hair done every eight weeks like clockwork and eyebrows threaded at least once a month.
  7. I’ve given up on being the manager of our calendar. Instead these days Rich and I keep shared Google calendars so we can coordinate our day to day easier.
  8. Rich and I are more intentional about time together and schedule time together every week.
  9. I do not hesitate at all taking a night off if it’s been a long day. Rich and I truly share responsibilities with Buel, but some nights I just have to say I need time and relax.
  10. Last but not least, setting realistic expectations for my days is the key. I typically fall back on my 3×3 check-in to transition from work to personal and keep everything manageable
  11. I gave up dieting and instead focus on making the majority of my meals at home and splurging when it’s truly worth it.
  12. I prioritize sleep and stick to a bedtime, for the most part.
  13. When it comes to “stuff” I stick to quality not quantity and get the best version of the things I need when it comes to beauty products, clothes and any items I use regularly.
  14. My home is decorated in my “style” and I love it. I also keep things clean and have my house professionally cleaned twice a month. It’s a luxury, but it saves me from spending a signifiant amount of time on the weekends cleaning and instead spending time with my family.
  15. I get my errands done on Friday so that I do not spend my weekends out and about. Using my lunch hour sets me up and magically frees up my weekend.
  16. I balance our family budget on a monthly basis and my personal budget a few times per month.
  17. I stick to regular hours at work and get in on time and leave on time. If I absolutely have to work outside of work hours, I do it after bedtime and put on a show I like so it seems less like work.
  18. I prioritize my friends, but am ok with saying no. If I’m overwhelmed sometimes clearing my calendar is necessary.
  19. I take every opportunity that I can to travel- both for work, with friends and as a family. Getting out of my day to day routine helps keep things fresh.
  20. At work I’ve stopped writing to-do lists, instead I block out the time that’s needed to get necessary tasks done. This helps with keep work within business hours.
  21. I prep EVERYTHING at night
  22. I stick to a quick morning routine. I simply chug a glass of water, brush my teeth, put in my contacts, get dressed and have coffee before I head to the gym.
  23. At night almost every night I take a bath, read a little and go to bed. It’s simple but it helps me transition to and from sleep.
  24. I schedule play dates with friends to get us out of the house on the weekends.
  25. I try to use weekend nap times for myself to relax- if I do try to get stuff done I keep it quick so I at least get an hour to myself.
  26. I write 2/3 of my blog posts on the weekend and keep Friday for more “live blogging” style so I don’t stress about writing during the work week.
  27. I drink a ton of water, always, since I know I get dehydrated easily.
  28. I’ve paired down the TV shows I watch- now I watch less than five shows weekly.
  29. We take time to have dinner together as a couple after bedtime most nights so we can catch up on our day. Connecting with my husband helps me from becoming resentful and disconnected.
  30. Lastly, the same as last time- I’ve learned to accept that I’m not perfect, and instead of trying to do it all, I’ve learned to prioritize. This is especially important as a Mom because you can always, always do more!

Do you focus on self-care? Let’s here three things that you do to keep yourself sane and happy! 🙂


  1. This is a great list! I’m with my daughter all day so one thing I do is make exercise a priority because it makes me a happier mom. Even if that means turning on Daniel Tiger for her to watch.

  2. Husbands?

  3. SO many great tips here. Reading this reminded me — I need to get my hair done. It’s literally been a year, how embarrassing! Thanks for sharing these, really was a great reminder to read!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  4. Great list–I’m expecting my first this June so I’m gonna need this!!

    • That’s so excited! If there are any questions you have or things you’re worrying about let me know! I tried to capture my entire journey on here for myself and others to reference along the way! 🙂

  5. I really like your list! Taking baths nightly sounds amazing!

  6. This post is awesome! You’re so right!! Taking care of yourself sets you up to be a better mom! And I love how you and your husband share the responsibilities — we are the same way in our house, and we both understand that sometimes, you just need a night off! No shame!

  7. chelseajacobs says:

    I schedule my workouts, too! It’s the only way I’ll stick to them!

  8. Ahhh I need to take more baths, just looking at the picture at the top of your post made me feel so relaxed 🙂

  9. These are such great tips! I love our Sunday morning routine too – it feels weird if we do something different. And I still love that you schedule your workouts! I’ve been trying to schedule mine tues/weds/thurs night but some weeks it’s a little more TBD!

    • I feel you on that! This week I only fit in three during the week and I’m debating tomorrow, but I usually take the weekend off. We shall see!

  10. This is great. Mom time is so important but something I definitely don’t do enough!

  11. when you become a parent, ANY TIME to yourself must be taken and cherished. i dont know why some parents feel guilty for doing this because i sure as hell don’t! i make sure to take time out for myself, whether that be for regular workouts, facials, massages etc… happy mom = happy family!!


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