Life After Whole30: How I’m Finding Balance

Whole30 Reintroduction

A week ago I posted our thoughts after completing our first Whole30. This week, at times it seemed like this week was just the beginning of our journey to find a balance between our life pre and post Whole30. We felt so great after completing it that we were nervous to go back, but I’m happy to report it already feels like we’re made some permanent changes. Here is my day by day thoughts from the past week as we started our Whole30 reintroduction.

On Monday I was hesitant to have anything non-compliant, especially knowing that I had some social events during the week that I was going to use as an experiment. Rich decided to follow the reintroduction suggestions of the program and started with adding back in Legumes, so I decided to do the same. I had a Mediterranean salad at lunch from Roti and added hummus. Afterwards I did not feel great and felt a little sick, but I made a rookie mistake and also added some sauce to my salad which probably had sugar.

Later that day we decided to add Chickpeas to our curry and we both felt totally fine. I also had an organic peanut butter cup after dinner and it tasted amazing- that’s one benefit I do not want to go away! My tastebuds are still sensitive and it’s awesome.

This was my first experiment with finding “balance” and I went into the day with a plan. I had a Baby Shower at lunch and the rest of the day I ate compliant. At the shower I ate pizza. I focused on enjoying it and paid attention to when I felt satisfied so I did not go overboard and it worked. Afterwards I grabbed a cupcake, since it was from a local bakery and I deemed it worth it. It tasted so sweet but good. I drank a lot of water in the afternoon and overall felt totally fine, which I think was because I paid attention as I was eating. After dinner I craved something sweet, but from my Whole30 experience I was able to realize it was likely emotional so I drink a few glasses of water instead and the craving passes.

It was a week of baby showers this week and it proved to be a good test. I was one of the hosts of Wednesday’s work baby shower and was excited for it. I went into the day with a plan again and ate compliant besides my lunch. I had a small Italian Beef sandwich and big salad and noticed myself getting full a lot quicker than I would’ve been in the past. I also had chocolate cake and it tasted amazing! It was so worth it. Again, I wanted sweets after dinner so I had a few apricots and it did the trick.

Thursday I woke up feeling good and not bloated at all. It felt great. I had a three hour meeting with lunch catered in and ate Jimmy John’s. Again, I noticed myself getting full a lot more quickly. I ate 2/3 of sandwich and 1/2 of chips before determining I was satisfied. I was a little tired in the afternoon, but I’m not sure if this was because the food or not because we were also up throughout the night with a teething toddler. That night I picked up a compliant salad for dinner before getting my hair done. While I had foils on my head, I ate a handful of Hersey’s Kisses- it’s amazing how quickly sugar cravings come back! I did not feel too bad about it.

By the end of the work week I had found a strategy that seemed to be working for me. It seemed that I was able to feel almost as good as during Whole30 if only one of my meals were non-compliant and had one “treat” throughout the day. With all of the celebrations that happened during teh week and a date night to look forward to, Friday was a mostly compliant day. For breakfast I had a Siggi’s Yogurt with grain-free granola. Other than that I stuck to my go-to meals: a huge salad with tuna for lunch, fruit for an afternoon snack, roasted chicken and veggies for dinner with a Kombucha as we watched Netflix later in the night.

Once I had a balance in the back of my mind, I felt confident and ready to enjoy my Saturday. We made a compliant breakfast at home before I headed out to another Baby Shower in the afternoon. There was food everywhere at the shower, but I mainly stuck to filling up on the breaded chicken they were serving and had a tiny amount of pasta which I deemed was not worth it after one bite. I felt the same way about the cake when it was brought out, since I knew I was going to be having dessert later that night.

We had date night on Saturday night and were super excited for a night out. It had been two months since our last meal out just the two of us and we were excited to check out Band of Bohemia, the first Michelin Star rated Brewpub. After some debate, we settled on the tasting menu with the beer pairing because we knew the food was quality. It was so worth it and we enjoyed every sip and bite. And, we both agreed that having a complete splurge meal occasionally is totally enjoyable and how we want to live our life. And speaking of splurges, after the concert we went to we swung into our old favorite bar for an order of pulled pork egg rolls that we split and one more beer. We really enjoyed them and they were totally worth it and we managed to enjoy ourselves without going overboard. Despite the lack of sleep that night, we woke up feeling good!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the reintroduction part of Whole30 is the hardest part in my opinion. In general as much as there are guidelines you can follow, overall it’s a personal experience. For me this has been the hardest part and where I’m going to solidify the lessons I learned through the challenge.

How do you find balance when it comes to food?


  1. Katie, I am in the same boat! I had a bridal shower yesterday and the food there included monkey bread, muffins, crepes, chicken with rice, and a small salad with goat cheese and cupcakes. I ate the crepe, chicken and salad and just took a bite of everything else. The cupcake looked great but didn’t taste like anything! I’m trying to take it one day at a time. I had a few too many drinks on Saturday, so now I’m wondering how do I regulate that?

    I think I am fine when I go cold turkey like I did in Whole30, but I love having a few beers-but absolutely dread feeling terrible the next day. Still trying to navigate!

    • I’m glad we can go through this together! I’ve definitely felt more tired this past we and I have had moments where I think I may be better off cold turkey. For me I’ve been having a lot of internal conversations of what’s “worth it” and what is not.


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