We Completed Whole30! Our Thoughts, Results and Plan for What’s Next

Whole30 Results

Good Morning!

Well, we did it! In the past 30 days we’ve had some amazing results, learned a lot and overall have been inspired to make some major changes to our lifestyle. I’m excited to share our Whole30 results and our thoughts with you today.

How We’re Feeling and Our Results

Ultimately, Whole30 gave me the reset that I was looking for. It was gratifying to feel better but not entirely different which affirmed that overall I was taking care of myself pretty well before. However, I have been sleeping better, have had less blood sugar swings and feel much less bloated. It felt really good to be 100% focused on our health and this carried over to many areas of our life.

In the end, I lost seven pounds and noticed a drastic changes to my body. I had been strength training consistently for over seven months but have seen major changes to my muscle tone. I felt that eating this way “leaned me out” and my clothes fit much better. More importantly, this was absolutely the push I needed to tackle the last few emotional eating struggles that I was having. My eyes were opened to how much I was using food cope with stress, or sooth me when I was tired and it forced me to think of other ways to take care of myself emotionally.

I was a bit disappointed to not see too much of a change when it comes to my skin. I was hoping that my breakouts were related to food, but now after a month of clean eating I have confirmed it’s most likely hormonal. So now I’m focused on finding out what can help in that arena.

For Rich, this past month was absolutely life changing! This has been a huge change for him to focus on health and he is loving it. Physically, he lost a whopping 27 pounds and overall has way more energy. Mentally there have also been huge changes. He’s overall feeling much more positive, more focused and more confident. The focus on his health also led him to focus on self-care and I’ve been really proud of all of the changes he’s made.

How Whole30 Changed the Way We Eat

In the beginning I was focused on finding recipes that we’re Whole30 compliant, but in the end this experience gave me additional confidence in the kitchen so that in the end I did not need to follow recipes. I do still love looking at recipes and trying new things, but overall on a normal day I tend to cook much more simpler meals that let the food shine. I have come to love roasted vegetables and rely on spices to flavor our food. (I feel in love with the Primal Palate mixes!)

I was extremely frustrated with the amount we spent on groceries in the beginning, but by the end of the month I had reduced our weekly expenditure and I’m continuing to work on it. Overall we’re spending less because we’ve been making every single one of our meals at home.

With that said, this experience has inspired us to think about what foods are really “worth it” to us. With the exception of the occasional Chipolte trip and trying out Kitchfix one week (a great break from cooking) and a few social gatherings we made all of our meals at home. We were in the habit of ordering in when we weren’t in the mood to cook and I’m not quite sure we actually enjoyed those meals every time. Now I’m excited to go out occasionally and enjoy it- we have a date night this weekend and I am pumped!

The amount of produce we’re buying these days is absolutely insane. At the grocery store my cart is filled about 70% of the way with produce, 20% of the way with meat and then I’ll go into the aisles for a few things. I’ve always had a goal in the back of my head that I wanted us to shop mainly from the fresh food at the store, but this actually got us there.

Some Surprising Benefits

  • The emotional benefit was something I had expected, but I was surprised that this shifted into focusing on self care for both of us.
  • This did not affect our social life as much as we had thought, but it did cause us to take a look at what we do to socialize and what we want to do.
  • Having a shared goal has been SO GOOD for our marriage and having the goal be health was even better.
  • Whole30 made me a better cook! I am seriously impressed with some of the meals I’ve created over the past four weeks and this has been a fun, creatively satisfying experience.
  • Not feeling bloated at the end of the day, ever was surprising. I had no idea how poorly I felt prior to this experience.

So What’s Next?

The program suggests a few options when it come the “reintroduction phase” but overall it’s entirely personal. For me, I am extremely self aware when it comes to food and I have a clear idea of what foods affect me. Adding foods back in one at a time seems a bit too regimented to me and some of the foods we have no immediate desire to add back in just to test.

I do like the idea of having this be an experiment, so my goal is to take things day by day. In general, this process has inspired us to eat “cleaner” and center our meals around whole foods. We plan on continuing this lifestyle and adding back in things we’re craving as they come. For me, I have a few social events this week where I plan on enjoying myself and using them as an experiment to see how I feel both physically and mentally after I have a cupcake at the baby shower I’m attending on Tuesday, the hummus I plan on eating with takeout on Thursday and the beer we plan on drinking when we go out for date night on Saturday. I do not plan on going overboard and the overall goal is balance.

For years my goal has been to find a balance and I think that trying out Whole30 was a good experiment on how to get even better at it. I have made a lot of progress when it comes to giving up dieting the past few years but have always had the urge to eat a bit better. This month was an extreme but it was eye opening for me and I’m excited to continue this journey towards finding what makes me feel my best.

What changes did you make in January? What’s your current approach to “balance”?


  1. Ah Katie that’s so exciting! I started re-introduction this weekend and I noticed that beer affects me waaay more than liquor. I had a beer Friday night and felt awful the next day, I had compliant beef stew that I cooked too. Saturday I had liquor and felt great the next day, so weird! Yesterday for the superbowl, we ate compliant wings and had burgers. I made compliant meals for the work week and I’m curious to see if I have any desire to reintroduce dairy, still haven’t!

    That’s so amazing that you guys did it together and saw great results! The emotional piece and the sleep piece-I was so amazed by that! Looking forward to see how you re-introduce. and OMG-YES. I spent about $50 more on average per week on groceries, but I did enjoy how much produce I was eating. I’ll have to check out primal palate spices, I tend to buy my spices in Old Town at the spice shop.

    • Those spices are the best!

      I may have pizza as my first food, full disclosure. But I am hoping to keep my portions in check and not go overboard. I have five meals that I plan on having something non-compliant this week so I will take things day by day. If I do that I’ll be more towards the 80/20 I’ve always aimed for!

  2. Congrats on your experience with Whole 30, and way to go on the 27 pounds from your husband! That is awesome!!! I too found that eating clean didn’t help clear up my skin either and that most of it was hormonal and that stinks. But the feeling leaner and having more energy from eating clean makes up for it! Reintroduction is always the hardest part. Last year I did really well after until I got pregnant and the cravings kicked in! This year I am being really careful to only reintroduce the things I truly want. I find I can live without most of the “crap foods” most of the time.

  3. This is so helpful! And 7 lbs is amazing! I didn’t really lose weight last time and felt so bitter. Haha.

  4. lungingthroughlife says:

    So so proud of you!! Man 27 lbs for Rich! Gahh that’s incredible! Way to go, guys. I did the 21 day fix last year with Aaron and I definitely needed his accountability. It was nice to have each other to rely on. That was more of a diet, so when we had kale chips as a snack, and we were both pumped, it totally worked more than one of us sitting there eating BBQ chips ha!

  5. Girl! This was so fun to read! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about doing Whole 30, Adam too. This might really inspire us! Love that you said it helped your marriage, and WOW you guys both saw AMAZING changes! Sounds like Whole 30 ended up being a huge blessing! The reintroduction phase seems scary to me – but I guess as long as you take it slow, and don’t like, fall back into your old ways right away it shouldn’t be. And by now I guess you have a good idea of how certain foods make you feel, like you said. My big downfall is too much sugar. I reallllly need to reign that in!

    • It is really scary and I am the same way with sugar it’s interesting to see as I want to add things in. I am trying to find a happy medium!

  6. Wow 27 pounds! And you lost 7??? That’s amazing! I’m proud of you guys for sticking with it. You made it look easy! We don’t eat out (or order in) very much at all, so when we do it’s special and we make sure we choose a place to eat that we really are going to like. We are actually so much in the habit of not eating out that we don’t even when we should. (Like last night when we had a few things going on and I had nothing prepared and we still tried to find something in our fridge/freezer and it was a bit of a disaster and we got mad at each other. We should have just gotten takeout. You can go too far on the other end of the spectrum too, believe it or not!)

    • Oh my goodness that’s too funny! I am super burnt out on cooking yet inspired at the same time. It’s pretty interesting. We were defaulting to take out a lot, so this helped a ton!

  7. realfoodwithdana says:

    This is awesome! So glad to hear you enjoyed the experience. That’s amazing about Rich too!! I love how you’re taking a totally balanced approach to reintroduction. That’s what I usually do to, but this time around I’m interested to see how certain foods that have been out of my diet for a while due to leaky gut issues affect me now. Fingers crossed!

  8. I feel the same about my skin. I expected some clearing up and brightening on my Whole30, but I actually had more breakouts. I think it was the extra coconut I added in last month (coconut milk, oil & chips). With that said, I was THRILLED with some much needed weight loss and the decrease in bloating throughout the day. I think I’m going to try it again in arch before my bday and a Cali trip 🙂

  9. I found out, after an emergency room visit, that I am now allergic to some chemicals used in fast food, convenience foods and microwavable foods. The doctor feels its probably something to extend shelf life in those foods. Anyway, after six months of simply eating clean, I’ve had no occurrences and lost 42 pounds. I’ve heard of the Whole30 diet and might try that as it sounds like its not just “the new in craze.”

    • WOW! That’s amazing! Additives are so scary. I was allergic to food coloring as a kid, so I’ve always been super aware of all of the effects of the things in our food. I definitely welcomed the reset as an adult and look forward to continue to eating clean.

  10. I am really hoping to do Whole 30 my husband but he is a bit hesitant. We are currently in the “don’t feel like cooking let’s order takeout” phase and just overall not eating as well as we could be. We both exercise and try to eat well but I know trying Whole 30 could drastically improve our lives! It’s quite a commitment, congrats on completing it and sticking to it!

    • I was hesitant in the beginning too! My husband was the one who was all for it and I was pumped for him to want to do a health challenge so I did it out of support. I’m so glad we did!

  11. I love this update Katie! We have a lot in common. I did this with my husband as well in attempts to kind of be a reset! It was wonderful and definitely was just that. Now we are post Whole 30 and need to find a happy medium. For now I can’t get chocolate off my mind or out of my hand. :p…one day at a time. I’ll get there eventually! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness… I am the same way! Having chocolate back in my life so far has meant I crave it all the time… I need to figure that piece out!


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