Five Good Things


Good Morning!

Phew, what a week! My work days were non-stop and we were running on very little sleep due to my teething toddler. Honestly, every day felt hard but I managed to find time for myself and time for Rich so overall the week ended up being a good one.

I am starting something new for 2017, Five Good Things! This series will be a Friday check-in that will combine my recent “Things I’m Enjoying Lately” posts and my old “Take Time Tuesday Posts” plus allow me to check in with a “life” post every week. In short, this post is where I would like to share five good things from the week to end it on a good note.

1. As much as I love the holiday season, it feels great to be back into our every day routines. As I wrote about on Monday, we put a lot of effort into our routines in 2016 and now that our house remodel is done we’ve been able to fall back into them. Things just feel easier!

Fridays are my work from home days and I typically use them as my day to do laundry and run errands during lunch to leave my weekend open. Last night Rich and I got ahead of laundry and tomorrow we’re grocery shopping as a family, so that’s two less things on my plate today!


2. Last year Rich and I started a three year line-a-day journal together and I’m proud to say that we made it the entire year filling it out! Often we would have to catch up on several days at a time, but overall it was nice to spend a little time together each day. Now that we’re onto year two it’s been fun to look back on our previous answers.


3. I’m back in a reading kick for the new year and have been reading for 15-30 minutes before bed. Currently I’m reading The Look of Love by Sarah Jio and absolutely loving it. It’s a cute story about a Seattle florist who can “see” love. It’s been a fun read and extra enjoyable after my recent trip to Pike Place Market in Seattle.

4. After reading about Midnight Outburst in an article, I Amazon Primed it for our New Year’s Eve party and it was so much fine! Our friends were describing it as a dirty version of Family Feud. We had a blast playing and I can’t wait to play it again.


5. Lastly, Rich and I are starting Whole 30 tomorrow! I’m a little nervous and somewhat apprehensive since I made a lot of progress not dieting in 2016, however I’m excited to be able to support my husband and do the challenge out of solidarity. I am looking forward to cleaning up our diet and eating in better moderation after we finish the program, hopefully seeing my skin clear up, improved allergies and more energy. I know it’s going to hard, but we can do anything for 30 days- right!? (but seriously, if you’ve done it- send tips my way!)

This weekend is going to be a low key one for us. We’re going out to pizza for my brother-in-law’s Birthday tonight as our last hooray. Tomorrow Rich is off work and we have plans for Crossfit and grocery shopping. Sunday we’re hoping to make it to church in the morning  and I scheduled a massage for myself in the afternoon. Other than that, I see a lot of lounging and hopefully sleep in our future. It should be a good, relaxing weekend!

Now your turn! Tell me ONE good thing from your week!


  1. Good luck with Whole 30!!! That is AWESOME! I have never gotten up the courage to try it, so I’ll be following along to see what recipes you make 🙂

    • I’m a little nervous, but I’m happy we are doing it together! We did a 10 day challenge before with no processed foods or sugar and loved it, so I’m thinking this will be good for us. We can do anything for 30 days I’m hoping!

  2. Good Luck with the Whole 30!! I have done two and they are challenging but well worth it. You will learn to read labels on EVERYTHING! Trader Joe’s is a life saver for sugarless sauces and broths! When in doubt Google! Whole Foods sells a few Whole 30 approved bacons, life saver!

  3. I worked out 4 out of 5 days so far and plan on at least one more over the weekend. Plus I didn’t kill Uncle ron yet😅that makes it a great week!

  4. lungingthroughlife says:

    Aw I love this new series! I hope this month goes well with Whole 30!! I am impressed- I can cut out the alcohol.. because I currently am.. but beyond that no thanks, lol.

  5. Hi Katie,I’m in solidarity with you! I’m doing Whole30 and on day 2. Melissa is not joking when she says meal prep is key. This seems like something you already have locked down! =)
    It is really really allowing me to focus on my mindless cravings and be like ugh WHY do I crave a beer or a glass of wine, why do I need to that to “enjoy being at home watching Netflix”. My boyfriend is not doing it, but wants to be in solidarity with me doing it. But he’s getting frustrated that I’m not cooking with dairy or soy! Ha. =) so maybe he is doing it. I feel more in control of things and I’m looking forward to see how I feel at the end-looking forward to hearing about how your journey is going too!

    • Awesome! Please send any meal or snack ideas my way! I debated doing it, but honestly I feel it’ll be my final step of ending emotional eating. This holiday season was my first time in a LONG time I wasn’t trying to “be good” or lose weight and I actually lost two pounds while enjoying anything that sounded good. Not being deprived was key! Even so, I feel like I want to eat cleaner and this will be a good kickstart for the year. The key is going to be the mental game, I do not want to go backwards in that respect!

  6. Ah, I love this series! Great choice esp for Fridays 🙂

    Way to go for staying on track even during a crappy sleep week. Toddlers not sleeping is way worse than a baby not sleeping IMO. So hard!

    I totally need to get on the bandwagon with reading. I actually host a monthly book club and am so behind on the book. Oops! I have so many books on my to read list (and just ordered some more recently). Even 15 minutes a day is all I need to get motivated. That’s gonna be my goal next week!

  7. GO YOU for doing the Whole 30 challenge! I’ve heard great things about it. I’m also trying to read more and so far…have been failing in 2017. 😉 Here’s to next week!

    Isn’t That Charming.

  8. I love this format for these posts! I’m excited to read them 🙂 I have never heard of midnight outburst, but it looks SO fun! & That one line a day journal is SUCH a good, realistic idea. I need to look into that! Happy whole 30, enjoy that pizza 😉 ! <3

  9. I’m a bit late, but today I went to a #sweatworking event which was a lot of fun!!


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