I Need Your Help! (Planning for 2017)


Good Morning!

After openly struggling with blogging this year, I am happy to say that I have found my groove again. This has happened to me through every transition phase in my life since I started this blog, so I’m glad to have made it through. I’m in full speed ahead planning mode for 2017, but could use some help!

Last week I shared my plans for 2017 and the topics I have decided to focus on. I received such great feedback in my 2016 reader survey that I am hoping you can help me out again. As I plan for 2017, I have started a list of blog posts ideas to inspire me. My hope is that you could help me add to this list! I will add to the list I get I get ideas- either leave a comment below, email me or contact me through any of my social media channels.

Mom Talk Post Ideas

  • Body After Baby
  • Transitioning from bottles to milk
  • How I organize myself for a successful week (an updated version of this post)
  • Finding Work/Life Balance
  • Friendship After Kids


Work Life Post Ideas

  • How to set boundaries at work
  • How to find confidence in a new role
  • How I became comfortable with public speaking every day
  • Packing for a business trip in a carry-on bag
  • How I reduced my stress during the work week

Marriage/Family Post Ideas

  • My updated meal planning/meal prep routine
  • How we manage our budget
  • How we manage our schedules through Google Calendar and Google Keep


  • An official house tour!
  • “A Week of Dinners” recaps of what we ate for dinner similar to the posts I did on maternity leave

Now you tell me- what do you want to hear!? I greatly appreciate your ideas and taking the time to read!




  1. Hi! I’m also a working mom with a little one (born Jan 2015). I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled across your blog, but I’ve been reading it for a while and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it! A lot of your posts about parenthood really reasonate with me.

    • Hi Bernice, thanks so much for your feedback. Any topics you’re currently wanting to know more about and/or things you’re struggling with you may want to commiserate on?

  2. Striking and maintaining a quality work-family balance (and tips you’ve found that make it easier)
    Meal planning / meal prep to help you get through the workweek with less stress
    Great finds — for the home, food-wise, … I’m in the Chicago area and love recommendations for new shops and places to eat or visit.

    • Thanks so much Lori for the great ideas! I think that my post about scheduling should help with the balance question. I’ll think more about sharing on meal prep- I have honestly reduced the prep a bit and found a system that is working well lately. And yes, I’ll keep up with the finds posts- like my “Things I’m Enjoying Lately” posts, correct?

  3. Katie! I can hardly wait to hear about the transitioning to milk. Does that include going off bottles? We just had our daughters 1 year checkup and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the changes. How about a post about maintaining your friendships after baby? I stay home now with my daughter but I still find your work/life balance posts helpful because it helps remind me I still have to find balance as I don’t really get a moment to turn off.

    • Hi Shannon! Oh my goodness I was so intimidated as well! I’ll try to get that post written soon so you can read- we are ALMOST done with bottles and plan on fully weaning in a week or so.

      Love the idea on the friendship post- this is for sure everyone struggles with! Thank you!

      • Jordan and I were just talking last night about how amazing it is to be done with bottles (and how much we are already dreading doing it again… haha) Seriously that was a game changer not to have to wash those all the time or worry about milk spoiling now that we do whole milk!

  4. You do public speaking every day? Wow, I’m impressed. I still get nervous presenting to a group of 2 people. So yeah, That would be a great one. Also – Work-Life Balance, Organization, Meal Planning – I really liked your 20 Tried & True Weeknight Dinners!

    • Yes, I present pretty much every day. Oh good thought on the weeknight meals- I was meaning to make that a quarterly one and definitely have at least 20 new go-to recipes since I last posted.

  5. All these posts sound awesome! Glad you found your blogging mojo again, Katie 🙂

  6. Definitely interested in how you reduce your stress during the week (or at all!). I am so bad with this right now!

    I can’t even wait to see your house tour! That’s my hope to share this year too. You are gonna kill it with blogging girl. I love that you are reinspired. It helps me to be inspired about my own blog to see this coming from you too.


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