My Thoughts on Fitness After Baby & Expecting More: Fourth Trimester Workout


There’s no doubt that I love being a Mom. Even on the most challenging days the love I feel for Buel trumps any frustrations. Even those I have with my post-baby body.

Throughout my pregnancy I was very motivated to make good choices for my baby and myself. I enjoyed eating a balanced diet with treats in moderation and felt the best I had ever felt about my relationship with food. Fitness wise, I was consistent and felt a new appreciation for what my body could do. When I wanted dessert, I ate it and enjoyed it. When I missed a workout, I did not stress. Finally, I felt at peace.


Currently I’m on the slow path back to my pre-pregnancy body. Will I get there? Maybe. Will my body be different? Absolutely.

Admittedly looking back I was a bit ignorant when it came to losing my baby weight. I gained a healthy 35 pounds throughout my pregnancy and two weeks postpartum I had already lost 20 of them. Then, the sleep deprivation and holidays crept up on me along with the weight. This leaves me currently with 22 pounds of pregnancy weight left to lose.

I spent the past few weeks easing back into my normal eating and workout routine. I’m trying to be patient and remind myself constantly that with my life turned upside down it’s going to take some time. Nine months on, nine months off has become my new mantra.


When it comes to fitness I wasn’t sure where to begin. One day I stumbled upon Sara Haley and decided to give her 4th Trimester workout a try. The DVD arrived one week before my six week postpartum check-up and I anxiously awaited the day I could finally workout.


Expecting More: The 4th Trimester Workout is comprised of eight safe, effective and equipment-free workouts for postpartum bodies. A calendar is included that helps lay out the best approach to the workouts which I found to be key. Each workout is between 9-31 minutes which makes it easy to fit in as you adjust to life with your baby.


I followed the workout calendar for the past six weeks and am very pleased with the results. As someone who has a tendency to go all out and then burn out, I appreciated having a realistic way to approach my postpartum fitness. My fitness journey post-baby so far has been humbling, but Sara’s encouraging approach helped keep me motivated.

The 4th Trimester workout includes three separate core workouts, a stretch workout, two cardio workouts and two strength workouts. I tried them all and will continue to use the DVD to fit in quick workouts at home. Also, I plan on doing the core workouts as it has been key to getting my strength back.

This workout is perfect for any new mom, regardless of her fitness level pre-pregnacny. As someone who works out consistently, I found them to be a satisfying workout and enjoyed working the parts of my body I felt were most affected by my pregnancy. It felt like working out with a group of my new mom friends in the best way possible.


As I move forward into the new phase of my postpartum journey I’m looking forward to returning to my “normal” routine of two strength workouts, one yoga class and walking or spin for cardio. I’m so grateful that I found these workouts to help ease me back into fitness and will continue to use them as I slowly but surely get back in shape!

I received a complementary workout program in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own and I only promote products that I truly use and love. Thanks for helping me to spread the word on brands I love!


  1. I totally had unrealistic expectations about what fitness postpartum was going to look like. Mostly because I assumed I would be so excited to jump right back in and get things going again, especially since I was super active all the way up until a few days before I delivered. But after I had my son, I found it much harder than expected to a) get back in the groove of working out and b) to find the time (and energy) to actually achieve anything. My little man is NOT a napper, so even at home workouts were a real struggle. It sounds like you are doing an awesome job and have a much more realistic view on things than I did at that stage!

    • It’s tough!!! I tried to keep myself in check and it helped. Even though I fight constantly not to try to go full force!!!

  2. I’m still trying to figure out what working out looks like for me. Yesterday I wanted to go for a run so badly, but R needed to eat and then Jordan wasn’t feeling well so he couldn’t watch her while I went for a run, and it was too cold to take her in the jogging stroller… long story short, no run for me 🙁 I’m trying to fit it in when I can, but I’m so tired at the end of the day it’s not what I want to do even though I want to do it! At-home workouts are my thing right now because at least I can do something! This sounds like a great video!

    • It’s awesome because you feel like you can actually do it, you know? And I’m always sore so it’s a good workout too! Home workouts are where it’s at for me too, since I’m trying to workout when he’s sleeping!

  3. Coach Sara says:

    Sounds like a great workout plan! It’s been hard getting motivated to workout after having Allie. I’m very thankful to have Jillian Michael’s DVDs because they’re a great workout and short enough to do during Allie’s nap.

  4. Oh my goodness, those cheeks! Thanks for a healthy smattering of baby photos. I’m so glad to have heard about this so I can recommend it to my friends who are having babies. It sounds like a great program!


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