Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!

We’re off work today and heading to Minneapolis tonight for my cousin’s wedding. Our flight isn’t until 5:00, so it is nice to have a slow moving morning and some of the afternoon to get organized before hitting the road!

IMG_0444.JPG  1. I’m using today to do the majority of my Sunday Things so that when we come back all we will have to do is unpack and take a quick trip to the grocery store to be ready for the week. My routine makes such a huge difference that I’m glad I am able to protect it even with a weekend away.


2. When it comes to routine, the last few weeks were anything but so it was nice to get back to the basics this week. We made dinner at home three nights in a row, I packed my lunches, resumed my morning routine, fit in workouts every evening and made rest a priority this week. It has me feeling really great!


3. I’m helping my MIL plan my Illinois Baby Shower and we picked out invitations this week. I chose these and they arrived last night. They turned out so well!


4. Speaking of baby stuff, remember how I mentioned that I’m on a baby book reading kick? It’s still continuing and I finished another one last night that was my favorite yet. Eat, Sleep, Poop is written by a pediatrician who is also a Dad and I loved the straightforward style of the book. Now to attend all of the classes at the hospital this summer- anything I can do to feel prepared!

Honey Balsamic Grilled Chicken and Vegetables

5. One thing on my agenda today before we leave is writing up next week’s meal plan. How good does this Skinnytaste recipe for Honey Balsamic Grilled Chicken and Vegetables look? It will be going only my plan for sure!

I’m looking forward to a family-filled weekend in Minneapolis, checking out a few new restaurants while we’re there and coming back to another short week!

What’s on your agenda this weekend? Any new recipes to try? What are you currently reading? Working on? Planning for?

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  1. Gimme those pancakes! Yummmmmzies! I should probably read that book too! Send me some reading mojo #unmotivated

  2. I’m running a half on Sunday to kick off marathon training! Looking forward to incorporating long runs back into my weekend routine. Just finished My Husbands Secret, but am getting ready to read Big Little Lies. Can’t wait : ) I am now craving pancakes and loving your dog : ) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! Enjoy!

  3. What a good idea to do your Sunday chores before you leave! I’ll have to remember that. Also those pancakes look DELISH.

  4. Love the cakes on the Polish pottery! And the shower invites are beautiful. I’m just so excited for you! Sending lots of love.

  5. Loving the look of that chicken and veggie dish. I ran a 5M race with New York Road Runners this morning and am currently snacking up a storm to follow!

  6. Oh my god your dog. I cant. That chick looks amazing as well! Have fun at the wedding!


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