Day In The Life: 13 Weeks Pregnant

My last pregnancy update was at 10 weeksThis recap is from last Monday, so we’re pretty much caught up! c236354c-20fc-47d5-9eca-ca8f0a798696

At the time of this post, Baby Adams was the size of a peach! This week we’re up to a lemon and almost doubling every week!


My day started out my prenatal vitamins, which I’m proud to say that I opened a new bottle of last week. We purged our bathroom last week and I threw out two different regular vitamins that I never got in the habit of taking. Maybe I’ll keep this up post-pregnancy!


Last week I was a bit bloated, so I was up 6 pounds. Yesterday I was only up 2.5 pounds, so I think it depends on the day how much weight I’ve gained.



I don’t want to make myself crazy but I’m intrigued, so I’ve been weighing myself every Monday. My clothes still fit fine, expect in the stomach- that’s where all my weight is going!


After my morning routine at home, I arrived at work with a trifecta of beverages. I was on a serious Green Monster kick for awhile because I wasn’t eating many vegetables otherwise. I also had my morning coffee and have been constantly wanting more water. I’m so thirsty!


I took an early lunch and met up with Rich at my doctor’s office for my 13 week appointment. The visit was pretty boring- they took a urine sample, weighed me and took my blood pressure. And then, we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time!

Then Rich got a phone call when we were leaving, so he took the stairs and I got on the elevator and we somehow lost each other. I got outside first so I made him pose for a photo.


At this point I was feeling motivated to eat more regularly, so I set the goal of eating smaller, frequent meals to hopefully give me energy as I got over the final first trimester tiredness. It really helped! For lunch I had some cheese and crackers, an apple and a kid yogurt.


An hour and a half later I was still a little hungry, so I ate some of the energy balls we made at our food prepping class with some Salted Carmel tea from Davidstea. If I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning I’ve been sometimes having tea in the afternoon if I want a boost.


An hour and a half after that I had another snack- cottage cheese and pineapple. I remember this pineapple not tasting great to me, so I ate as much as I could and then called it.


After that I was craving something sweet and ate ALL of my emergency ginger chews. I just couldn’t stop. They are delicious!


When I got home I got dinner ready and then did a quick strength workout while Rich took Penny on a run and our dinner baked.



On the menu was Asian Turkey Meatballs and Zucchini Tots. I was really happy to stick to my weekly meal plan and I think this day was the start of my transition into feeling great in my second trimester! Also I hadn’t cooked in awhile and I enjoyed it!

Now I’m to the point where I feel too good- most days I don’t even feel pregnant! I know I’ll look back at these days in angst in a few months, so I’m enjoying every moment while I’m feeling good and comfortable!

What food can you eat an unlimited amount of without stopping? When I’m not pregnant, ice cream is this for me. I definitely think the 1/2 cup serving size is a suggestion. 🙂

I’m linking up with Jenn and Clean Eats Fast Feets to share my WIAW of pregnancy eats. Head on over to join the foodie fun and see what normal people eat.


  1. How exciting that you guys were able to hear the heartbeat for the very first time. What a perfect day 🙂

  2. Great eats…I like ginger candy too. I have a bunch of GinGins in my pantry!

  3. Ooh that dinner looks sooooo delicious – I must look into those recipes. Tots and meatballs just look so cute together and are definitely outside of my comfort zone (the only meatballs I make are Italian).
    And I would agree with you – ice cream is definitely something I could eat for days, as well as peanut M&Ms or Reese’s pieces. But I do love ginger chews too!
    Glad you’re feeling good – thanks for sharing your eats!

  4. How exciting you got to hear your little one’s heartbeat!!! I am obsessed with those ginger chews. Trader Joe’s has a few good ones too 🙂

  5. Zucchini tots! I love the sound of those.

    Congrats on the pregnancy and Happy WIAW!

  6. Ohhh that dinner looks so good!

  7. I love that it seems like everyone is comparing their baby’s growth to the different sizes of fruits and veggies haha it’s adorable! Your eats look so snacky and delicious — love me some cheese and crackers! And that dinner is so creative!

  8. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better! The 2nd trimester is a sweet spot, for sure. I’m 22 weeks now and still rarely feel pregnant, so get ready to enjoy a couple of months of bliss — compared to the 1st trimester, it’s great :).

  9. So glad you’re feeling good now!!! One question I have related to you weighing yourself: When you say you were 6.5 pounds up last week, and up 2 this week, does that mean from your pre-pregnancy baseline #? or that you gained 2 this week on top of last week’s 6? Just curious… like how in a normal weight loss phase you’d say “down 2 pounds this week” means you lost two this week from last week.

  10. so exciting to hear the heart beat..seriously this goes so fast rest much, work out much, eat much and enjoy much


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