Lauren’s Bachelorette in Chicago

Good Evening!

Two Saturdays ago I celebrated my friend Lauren’s Bachelorette in Chicago. It was such a fun night and I’ve been meaning to recap it since so I have a record of it, but life got busy!

So today I thought I would share the night with you- What I Ate Wednesday style!


The celebration started at Siena Tavern for lunch. We ordered several plates to share including my two favorites- the Coccoli and the Meatball. I enjoyed a little bit of everything which is my favorite way to enjoy my restaurant meals. I also had a glass of Prosecco on the side. It was the perfect meal to kick off the day!


After lunch we went back to our hotel to settle in and then met in Lauren’s suite for games, gifts and dinner. To eat were Italian Subs from Anthony’s Pizza. We also played the Bachelorette Quiz Game– which is always a hit!


Oh, and there was cake- how fun is this!? (it was also eaten for Breakfast)


Our main entertainment for the night was a show at The Baton LoungeThis was my second time seeing a show there and I had just as much fun as I did the first time. The show is SO entertaining and you are guaranteed to be celebrating with at least eight other Bachelorette parties, which in my opinion is fun!


After the show we were ready for more drinks and happily wandered into Untitled, which I have been wanting to go to for awhile. When we arrived there was live Jazz playing and it was nice change of pace to sit and relax.


The cocktails at Untitled were fabulous and strong, just like I like them. I ordered the KGB’s Knees which was made with Vodka, Honey, Lemon and Lavender. I love all things lavender so I wasn’t surprised that I loved this drink. I had a blast dancing the drink off after the band left the stage and the DJ took it’s place. It’s been awhile since in danced in a club, so I enjoyed it. It was like we were in college again, which is always a fun time every once in awhile.


Head over to Peas & Crayons to join the foodie fun!


  1. That drink sounds amazing! I just had a locally made lavender lemonade and was in Heaven! How cute is that cake? Looks like it was a great bach party that didn’t break the bank, hopefully! xoxo, ganeeban


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