10 Easy Things To Do On Sunday That Will Make Your Work Week Easier

Good Morning!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret- I am really neurotic. In case you haven’t noticed from my dozens of meal plan posts, constant goal setting and my love of list posts, but I am. Blame in on being raised by two type A parents, my strict skating schedule for most of my life or whatever else, but there’s no use in skirting around it. I am who I am and I’m totally cool with that.

Yesterday after posting my new Weekly Refresh post I got to thinking about all the little things I do on Sunday that make my work week much easier. These habits all started when I was commuting, but since I’ve gone back to work I’ve reverted to my old ways. Regardless of how time crunched your week may be, I hope these tips help make your life easier like they do for me!

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1. Ease into the day: Whenever possible on Sunday mornings I like to sleep in, take time to have an indulgent breakfast and relish in the fact that I don’t have I don’t have to rush to work. Yesterday Rich and I picked up bagels and lox and it was a nice treat to eat breakfast together and to be able to take our time.

2. Spend time outside: Whether it’s sitting outside to enjoy my coffee or doing an outdoor workout, I love to get out there for a nature fix. Try it, you’ll be happy you did when you’re sitting at your desk on Monday, and as a plus it’ll energize you for the week!

3. Go over the week ahead: In order to get mentally prepared for the week I like to go over my schedule and tasks I need to accomplish that week. It eases my mind to know what’s in store for me and also prepares me for the week ahead.

4. Prioritize your to-do list: Once I know what I need to accomplish, I like to note when they need to happen. One thing I love about my Erin Condren planner is the variety of areas to write a to-do list. There’s an area to write a monthly list, weekly list and four lines for daily to-dos. This helps me prioritize and I try not to keep my list to 2-4 things per day that I have to accomplish.

5. Meal Plan: I try my best to take a half an hour on Sunday’s to meal plan. Even if it’s just writing down a few meal ideas for each meal, it’ll makes the week run much more smoothly. We also do our weekly grocery shopping trips either on Saturday or Sunday and typically do not run to the store during the week. This saves us tons of time!

6. Food Prep: If I have time or a crazy week ahead I like to prep a few food items to have on hand for the week. My oatmeal bake is one of my top viewed posts for a reason, it makes life easier! I also pack breakfast and lunch for Monday and do any prep work that will help speed Monday night’s dinner along as well.

7. Declutter: For me, the state of my home reflects the state of my life. I like to start the week off with a clean house and a clear mind.

8. Plan Your Outfits: I’ve been laying out my outfits the night before for years, but I’m trying something new this week and planned my entire week of outfits in advance. I paid attention to the days I have important meetings so I’m not left scrambling to find something clean to wear that morning and also noted when I’ll be working out at lunch so I can pack easy outfits to change in and out of.

9. Make a nice dinner: Sunday is usually the day Rich and I like to try new recipes or old favorites that take more time than a weeknight meal. We like to make a night of it, having an appetizer or cocktail while we cook, putting on music or lingering at the table after we eat to talk.

10. Hit the hay early: I try my best to go to bed extra early on Sunday nights and spend some time unplugged to decompress before the work week begins. I like to take a bath, read or listen to music and let my mind relax.

Of course, no week is the same and some of these things sometimes do not happen or get shuffled around and happen on Saturday or Monday. But, in my perfect world I would end my Sunday feeling prepared and ready for the week.

How do you prepare for the week ahead?


  1. You’re so organized! I try to have the grocery shopping done and an idea of what I’m going to make for dinner/lunches during the week (I have a full meal plan this week – wahoo!) as well as have my fitness schedule mapped out. I agree on the relaxing on Sunday nights… although this summer I’ve just wanted to be out and about to take advantage of the gorgeous days!

    • So true! In general I’ve been getting outside as much as possible, I’m still not over the winter so I’m trying to make the best of the summer!

  2. You just described my ideal Sunday! haha yesterday was the opposite of relaxed though (we were traveling back from Chicago!) but in general, I like starting the week in the way you described! It makes me feel more prepared for the week!

    • No way! Next time you visit let me know! And yes, this is my ideal Sunday …next week I have plans all
      day so I’ll have to fit it all in other places.

  3. I am a lot like you as well! The only problem is when I spend so much time planning that I never actually DO! I tend to spend more time deciding how to do something than I do completing it! Haha! These are great ideas though, and I think will make for a much more pleasant Monday (it’s possible!)

  4. I am this way too. I’m already making a list for an outing we have planned for August 2nd. Meals, snacks, etc. I make a checklist and check everything off as it goes in the bag or cooler. “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. A wise person told me this years ago.

    • I love that quote, I had never heard it! I’m planning for 8/2 as well, I’m in a wedding that day!

  5. I just started getting into food prep a couple months ago, and it has been SUCH a game changer for me! I used to dread making lunches every night, and some time ago I knew I had a really, really busy week coming up, so I just made all my lunches for the week Sunday afternoon. Holy smokes. Best decision ever. I do that every Sunday now, and while I don’t necessarily *enjoy* dedicating an hour of my afternoon to making my lunches, it is so so so so so so much better than doing it the night before like I had been doing. Food prep ftw.

  6. These are great tips! I definitely need to work on numbers 3 and 4…

  7. Meal prepping is a big part of my Sundays! I always feel so much more prepared for the week when I’m not worrying about what I’m going to eat. Getting outside is another key.

    • What are your favorite things to prep? I’m always looking for new ideas!

      • I like to make things that would be annoying to make each time I need them, like… chicken, quinoa, rice… you get the idea. I also like to make a few breakfast smoothies ahead of time (they probably keep 2-3 days) to bring to the office, which knocks off 5-10 minutes in my morning routine. Not always specific meals, but lately I’ve been making big batches of soup to heat up whenever.

  8. Shakiyla lee says:

    Loved this and I like to spend my sundays the same exact way.


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