Peeled Three Day Juice Cleanse Recap

As I mentioned on Sunday, some combination of this crazy Winter weather and my eating habits had me lacking energy and craving foods I normally don’t. One day I found myself craving Cheetos and another craving Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Yes, those are normal cravings, but for me it was a sign that something was off. I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse for a long time and when I saw this Groupon for Peeled in Lincoln Park I bought it and decided to give it a try.

My reasons for doing a cleanse:
To increase my energy, reduce my sugar/junk food cravings and to detox my body from the medications that processed through my body during surgery.

My experience with Peeled:
The Lincoln Park location is in an area of the city which is inconvenient to get to without a car, so I paid $6.50 for parking in a garage to run down and grab my juices from Peeled. In addition to the cost of the Groupon, I also had to pay ~$9.00 in sales tax. I still think it’s a great deal and was perfect for me since I wasn’t ready to commit to buying a juicer and wanted to experience a cleanse first. The one thing I thought was funny was that I tried to buy an additional juice to have when I picked up my juice, but the salesperson told me I would be sick of juice and advised against it. Not the best sales tactic, but at least they were honest.


My daily menu:

7:30am Green Lantern- A mix of several greens and lemon. This one tasted exactly as it sounds. I liked it, because I like green juice. But since you have it twice either day on the last day I was chugging it to get it over with.

10:00am Haute Lemonade- This was a cayenne spiked lemonade, which was my favorite juice by the end because it was light and refreshing. Plus, the spice added some variety.

12:00pm Maroon Five- A beet juice with ginger and a few other veggies. I love beets, so I didn’t mind this one but it was really thick and took me the full two hours to drink on day two and three. Since you also drink this once twice per day, by the end I was over it.

2:30pm Green Lantern

4:30pm Maroon Five

6:30pm Cashew Milk-The cashew milk sweetened with vanilla beans and maple syrup really was a good treat at the end of the day. It also seemed to fill me up throughout the night!

My experience with the Cleanse:ย 
Taken from the juice rant notes I took during the cleanse-unfiltered.


Sunday, Day One-
I woke up and made two cups of Green Tea. On the cleanse, you are allowed to have water and Green Tea in addition to the juice and that’s it. I think because I’m used to drinking fresh juices the juice tastes did not shock me. I was really excited and motivated to feel the benefits so I enjoyed tasting the new juices on day one.

I was amazed how many times I had to pee starting immediately on day one and throughout, which is interesting because I usually drink a LOT of water and forgot to drink as much water as normal during this because I was constantly drinking juice.

By noon on the first day, I was starting to get hungry and missed food. By 3:00pm I started to get REALLY hungry and my stomach was growling. At 4:00pm Rich heated up leftovers for dinner and I was annoyed, drank my green juice and sulked.

By 4:30pm I am starting to REALLY get hungry, so I distract myself by putting away a mound of laundry, taking a bath and reading. For some reason I just mentally want to be away from electronics so I read from 5:00-9:00 and then finally just go to sleep.

Typically on Sundays I cook a nice meal, and man did I have a huge void of time to kill! I can’t believe how much time I usually spend on food. Around dinner time my hands started getting sweaty and my mouth felt like I was drooling but with cotton mouth. Rich made a burrito and my sense of smell was definitely heightened. By 7:30 my stomach is growling, I’m falling asleep and thinking about the food in our fridge.

By 9:00 I’m tired and thirsty, realized I did not drink much water and chugged some before bed. I go to sleep craving ranch dressing, pizza and Indian food.

Monday, Day Two-
I woke up tired and with a slight headache. Plus, my shoulder was acting up so that didn’t help. I felt normal on 30 min walk with Penny. Green Lantern tastes different than yesterday, all I can taste is the lemon! At this point it seems like all I’m doing is drinking juice, since I normally eat every 3-4 hours and they advise to drink the juices 2 hours apart.

I love the second juice of the day, the spicy lemonade the best because it’s refreshing. I’m not hungry at all for the Maroon Five juice but mentally thinking about food a lot- I want avocado and a Cesar salad. My stomach starts to hurt a bit and I had a headache plus soooo thirsty.

2:00 STRONG cravings for food- anything really. Decide to eat some food per the cleanse instructions I can have anything in the juices if I absolutely have to and have 3 stalks of celery. It’s amazing how good it feels to chew, how much stronger celery tastes than normal. After that I feel much better, onto juice #4 of the day, Green Lantern. It makes me REALLY thirsty so I drink about double the amount of water vs. juice but the thirst does not go away.

I went to yoga in the evening and it felt amazing. I was more mentally focused than normal and could challenge myself more. I did not think about food at all and felt so amazing after class. Until I got home and Rich had made corned beef. I was so mad!!! But I drank my cashew milk and moved on with my day and distracted myself by watching episodes of Portlandia.

It’s amazing how much free time I have without making or eating food!!!! Also, my sense of smell is CRAZY and I could smell our neighbor’s perfume when she walked next door. Also my mouth is constantly dry and has a zinc like taste that I can’t get rid of like a cough drop. Also- really freezing!!! Ate a few more stalks of celery with my night time juice, filled me up and I feel good. Not hungry after that. Feeling ok energy wise.

Tuesday, Day Three-
Woke up not hungry at all, feeling fine energy wise and fine mentally, but cannot stop thinking about food! Went through the motions of my day, drank my juice. Didn’t really feel hungry but thought a lot about what I wanted to eat and nothing sounded appealing. End of day three, sick of juices, not even hungry, could pack lunches without getting too hungry but could not WAIT to eat! Feel like my skin is clearer and my energy level has returned and no headache, just clear.

Wednesday, The Day After-
Woke up after day three, energized even though I had very little sleep. Calm although it was a snow storm again. Not really craving anything or hungry. Was excited to drink coffee and it gave me a boost (normally takes a few cups). Not really that hungry throughout the day. Ate a whole wheat carrot apple muffin and coffee for breakfast, kale, chicken and quinoa soup and an apple for lunch, a protein smoothie for an afternoon snack and tofu curry stir fry and brown rice for dinner. I did a short run in the afternoon and felt extra energetic and light nothing was weighing me down. (Maybe in my head)

My Take On It:
Overall, the juice cleanse did exactly what I wanted. Yesterday was the first time in a long time I did not have an afternoon crash which was a nice surprise. It was also really natural to eat clean the day after the cleanse and I did not feel the need to eat anything I “missed.” I’m sure some of this was mental, but I will say the cleanse was a total success!!!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Have you ever thought about it? Does this make you want to try it more or less? Any questions I can answer?


  1. Your comments about smell, a metallic taste in your mouth and having to pee would make someone think that you’re pregnant ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m so glad you had “success” on the cleanse and success I mean you feel reset and light and ready to get back to healthy eating and fewer Cheetos craving ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think my biggest challenge when doing a 3-day juice cleanse was just thinking about food. It’s all I could focus on!

    • OMG that is really funny!!! My cravings are totally gone- I’m feeling awesome eating clean and after seeing the results of the cleanse more motivated to eat more whole foods. Which is EXACTLY what I wanted!

  2. Love this recap! I think it’s such a great thing for me to try, but I don’t know if I’d be mentally tough enough to get over that hunger…I’d be hangry. Hungry + angry. Did you ever feel so hungry you got light headed?


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