World Sport Chicago Spin to Break the Cycle 2014

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend World Sport Chicago’s Spin to Break the Cycle event at the House of Blues in downtown Chicago. I won my spot on Erin‘s giveaway and got there not really knowing what to expect.


When I got there, I checked in, left my coat and boots at coat check and made my way over to the spin area. I got there early, so I had the opportunity to see what the set-up was like before I got on my bike.


I was really impressed with the number of volunteers and spectators at the event. There was such a high energy in the room that I could not wait to get on my bike.


From 9:00-5:00 on the hour,  a new spin class would start. There were about forty riders spinning at any point in time riding to help support the charity. When I got on my bike, Patrick Ryan, the head of World Sport Chicago, told us a little about the cause and we watched a short video. Their mission is to reduce gang violence through sports and I was really motivated by all of the work they had done the past few years. There were also members of the organization volunteering and cheering us on, which made me that much more motivated.


My instructor was super high energy and before each song she would tell us our inspiration for each song and goal, which I loved. Plus, there was a DJ spinning music and lots of crowd support cheering us on so I pushed myself much harder than normal since I was so motivated.


After my hour was up, I checked out the Refreshment area which included a full buffet of food and drinks and the Rejuvenation area where they had massages and information on the event’s sponsors. I left feeling inspired and motivated. I was proud to have supported such a worthy cause and inspired by the energy at the event. It was a great way to get in my Saturday workout!


  1. Sounds like it was a fun event. I would definitely do that sometime.

  2. I’m really glad you enjoyed yourself!!

  3. Now that is a cool spin environment!

    • Isn’t it!? It reminded me of being on the ice at Nationals because of all the spectators. Needless to say, I LOVED IT!

  4. What a cool and fun event!

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