Workout Recap 11/3-11/9 and Meal Plan 11/10-11/16

Good Morning!

This weekend was just what I needed. My Dad visited and it was a good mix of relaxing, fun and we even got to workout together! Today it’s storming in Chicago so yoga, meal prepping and not much else is on the agenda besides relaxing.


It was a pretty great week of workouts this week! I was on a spin kick this week and did my new favorite Tabata workout twice this week plus core/strength afterwards and went to Flywheel yesterday morning with my Dad. This was my first 60 minute class and it was killer- according to my stats I went 38 miles and my average RPM was 87. I also did a yoga class on Monday- which was amazing as always!

Now, for this week’s meal plan!

Easy Breakfast Burittos and scones we picked up from Great Harvest Bread in Evanston yesterday

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with maple roasted chickpeas on top for extra protein

Fruit, Yogurt and cherry white chocolate homemade granola bars (with cranberries because that’s what we have on hand)

Sunday- Lemon Chicken Stew
Monday- Leftovers from the weekend
Tuesday- Crunchy Black Bean Tacos (we never made these last week)
Wednesday-Out to Hub51 with my friend Cassie before seeing Wicked! (I’ll be sure to leave leftovers with Rich)
Thursday-Wing it (I have a Blue Apron box coming, so I’ll have to see what they send!)
Friday-Wing it (I have a Blue Apron box coming, so I’ll have to see what they send!)
Saturday-Having our friends Liz and Jason over for Fajitas and Mango Margaritas

Food Prep
Make Breakfast Burritos
Make Granola Bars
Make Soup
Make Sunday Night Dinner

Now you tell me, what’s on your meal plan this week? How was your week of workouts? What did you do this weekend?


  1. What’s your new favorite tabata workout?

    -Elise @

  2. I do a pretty good job of planning out meals, but need to be better about planning workouts so that I stick to them! I hope to get some yoga in this week.
    As far as meals go, we have a busy week ahead, but I am planning on making salmon with veggies (probably kale) and heating up some tomato sauce with meatballs from that I made a few weeks back (from our freezer stash). We’ll be out and about or eating leftovers the rest of the week!

  3. I find it so awesome that you and your Dad workout together. What a perfect bonding activity To answer your question, I did a lot of baking actually

    • Fun! What did you make?

      And my Dad is a workout addict- he goes daily and I think he would feel pretty off if he didn’t’ workout while he visited!

  4. Dang girl! That’s an amazing workout, plus you workout with your dad?! That’s so sweet and good for both of you!

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Thank you so much Katie for linking up your meal plan yesterday! I appreciate your support and love all the meals you included in your plan, especially those crunchy black bean tacos. Yum!


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