Meal Plan 4/14-4/20 and My Training Plan

Good Morning!

Saturday Origination Dinner

Last night after my organization marathon, we had the most fabulous meal. It started off with some stuffed mushrooms from Trader Joe’s. For our entree, we made this pasta from Giada De Laurentiis. I watched the episode where she made it last week while I was resting and I could not stop thinking about making it. It was as good as it looked! There was also some Chariot wine (from Trader Joe’s), which is absolutely delicious. I bought some a few years ago and have been looking for it ever since. Finally Trader Joe’s has it in stock again! I think next week I’ll go buy a case. For dessert, once again from Trader Joe’s, we had creme brรปlรฉe in a chocolate shell. I’m not sure why I never bought these before at Trader Joe’s, but this discovery is going to be dangerous.

Today, I plan on doing some food prep and then going to my favorite Sunday morning yoga class. After that, Rich and I are heading downtown to have brunch at The Savoy. I bought a deal on Gilt Groupe awhile back, and since it expires tomorrow, today’s the day! After brunch, I plan on doing as little as possible but plan on making this menu for dinner. (another thing I saw last week that I could not stop thinking about)

Here’s my meal plan for the week!

Green Monsters

Easy Springtime Crockpot Minestrone Soup

Chobani Flips (on sale 10 for $10 at Mariano’s this week locals!)
Carrots and hummus (impulse buy of hummus quartet at Trader Joe’s!)
Peanut Butter Cookie Date Bites (I can’t get enough of these)

Sunday- Salmon cakes, broccoli and whole week couscous (with cheesecake! see recipe link above)
Monday- Chicken Pesto Sandwiches
Tuesday- Leftovers from Sunday
Wednesday- Easy Roasted Chickpea Tacos
Thursday- 10 Minute Thai Shrimp Curry
Friday- I have dinner plans with my friend Jen at Nellcote and Rich has a guys night planned
Saturday-Wing it

Sunday Prep-
Make soup
Make date balls
Chop veggies for recipes and snacks



Finally, I’m able to start working out again this week! With my first sprint triathlon now eight weeks away, my goals are to be smart and train to the best of my ability, finish the race and to stay healthy. This week I plan on easing back into workouts. I plan on doing yoga today then taking a day off and to see how my neck feels. Then I plan on trying spin, swim and a run with days off in between to see if anything is aggravating my neck. We’ll see how the week goes!

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope it’s fun and relaxing, like mine will hopefully be!


  1. Good luck with your return to training! It sounds like you have a smart plan to take it day by day!

  2. YAY to finally be able to train again!! I hope all goes well ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve seen that wine at TJ’s before but have never tried it, I’m going to have to pick up a bottle the next time I see it!

  3. Yay for working out again! I know it’ll feel great to get back to it!

  4. I’ve never seen chickpea tacos before. Will definitely have to try this one out soon =)

  5. Tasty sounding eats this week and wahoo for being able to workout again! I bought dates last week and have been stuffing them with peanut butter since – such a simple and satisfying “treat” ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Good luck with your return to training!

    I had to stop making those peanut butter cookie date bites because I have absolutely no self control around them! I could end up eating 4 or 5 at a time!


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