A Bittersweet Father’s Day

Good Evening!

Today I thought I would share a quick recap of our Father’s Day. It was Rich’s first one and I made it very special for him, but it was definitely bittersweet for us. For me it was a good day and I guess I had braced myself to prepare for the worst. But for Rich the loss of my Dad really hit him, plus he had to work during the day so the emotions plus being away from us was hard.

All in all though we ended the day feeling very grateful for our little Buel!

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What It Feels Like To Lose Someone You Love

There have been many moments lately when I have considered retiring this blog. The things I used to write about seem silly and my life is so different than when I first began writing.

I share this post because I feel at times when you’re grieving you feel like no one gets it- but there are people out there who do.¬†Losing someone you love changes you in ways you never expect. But I’m here to say that unfortunately I’ve been through it, but fortunately I know that good can come of the situation. But man, it changes you.

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Why I No Longer Feel The Need to Set Fitness Goals

When I first started this blog, the purpose was simple. I wanted to hold myself accountable to reaching my goal of running my first marathon for charity. This was one of many fitness goals that I set for myself after college when I no longer had my team to hold me accountable.

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My Goal As A Mom


Good Morning! We spent the weekend surrounded by family and friends and yesterday afternoon we celebrated Buel’s baptism. It was a beautiful ceremony and afterwards we had everyone over to our new house for a luncheon. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was one of those days that made me feel grateful for everyone […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The New Dad

Next_Gen_8 cup

Good Morning! With Father’s Day coming up next week, I’m looking forward to celebrating Rich. It’s been fun to see him as a Dad and I’m excited to make a nice dinner and have lots of family time over the weekend to celebrate.

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How I Map Out My Week For Success


For awhile, this blog was focused on finding balance in my life. While I still strive to find some semblance of a balance in my life, I’m a believer that life comes in seasons and have learned to let life take it’s course rather than force balance. Every week there are only so many hours […]

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June Focus

Good Evening! Two posts in one week! We are halfway through the year and I’m keeping myself to holding goals for the remainder of the year. But first, let’s focus on my goals for June.

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Memorial Day Check-In

French Laundry Salad

Good Afternoon! Today has been the epitome of a lazy day. We started the day slow, I read on our deck for awhile and am currently cooling off in our basement watching a few Fixer Upper episodes. This is the first time in months we’ve had a day with zero plans. While our to-do list […]

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Seven Months of Parenthood


Good Evening! It’s funny that seven months ago I was worried about maintaining a balance in my life. I can honestly say that these days I do feel a good balance overall, but if you ask me day to day things shift and change constantly. The past few weeks have been crazy with moving, traveling […]

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Suffering Produces Hope


Back in the day I used to post my weekly motivation and goals on Monday morning. Today I’m feeling inspired so I thought I would do a bit of a throwback.

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