Weekly Refresh #7

Good Evening!

Surprise, we’re in Michigan! We traveled here yesterday morning to surprise my Dad for his 60th Birthday. He’s an identical twin and my cousins and I were able to successfully pull of surprising them both with a party filled with family, Polish food and Carrot Cake. (their favorite)

It was a fun day and today we’ve had some time to relax and see some friends. We’re heading out to check out Atwater Brewery in the Park for dinner, but first I’m taking a few minutes to plan on the week ahead and recap last week.

Weekly Refresh.jpg

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27 Things I Learned in my 27th Year

Good Morning!

It’s my Birthday and I’m feeling reflective, here’s some things I learned this year. 27 to be exact.b3d66e488e94cf7f6e383ae98954f72esource {Continue reading…}

Three Things Thursday


Good Morning! source 1. This week has been a little nutty at work and our busy season does not end until November, so I jumped on the crazy train and I don’t see myself getting off any time soon. I really do love my job though and I don’t mind being busy, so I’m fine […]

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Lauren’s Bachelorette in Chicago


Good Evening! Two Saturdays ago I celebrated my friend Lauren’s Bachelorette in Chicago. It was such a fun night and I’ve been meaning to recap it since so I have a record of it, but life got busy! So today I thought I would share the night with you- What I Ate Wednesday style! The […]

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Treat Yourself Tuesday


Good Morning! This morning I’m joining in with my friend Becky’s Treat Yourself Tuesday link-up! Why did it take me so long to join in the fun? That’s a good question… Well, you see I’m not typically someone who spends a ton of money on herself. Actually, I’m probably the last person I spend my […]

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30 Before 30


Good Morning! With my 28th Birthday quickly approaching on Friday, I am in a reflective mood. My Birthdays always bring about this type of attitude and motivate me to think about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Last year for my Birthday, we traveled to Paris and I accomplished one of my […]

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Weekly Refresh #6

Good Morning! This week life caught up with me and hit me hard with a Summer cold! I spent the weekend relaxing and recouping and hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling back to normal. But in the meantime, it’s time to get ready for the week ahead!

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Recipe Round Up #4


Good Morning! Time for another recipe round-up! Here are some new recipes I’ve tried and loved lately. Last week I made this Smoked Salmon Vegetable Egg Casserole. It was an easy heat and eat breakfast to have on hand during the week and it felt super decadent to eat smoked salmon during on weekdays. I’m […]

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Mexican Omelette Egg Muffins


Good Morning! For the past few weeks, I have been eating a REAL breakfast at home before getting ready for the day. Most of the time Rich joins me and it’s such a nice start to the day. Yes, I’m waking up about 30 minutes earlier, but the fifteen minutes to chat with Rich while […]

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Bitches Get Stuff Done


Now that I am one month into my job, I seem to have found my groove. It’s nice to have all the pieces together and this week my goal is to stay focused. Let’s do this, Monday!

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