Thanksgiving Planning 2015

Good Morning!

Cheers to Thanksgiving! My prep begun on Sunday when my groceries were delivered (best idea ever), every day since then we’ve been doing a little at a time to make the big event stress free.

My plan is to finish all of the cooking before the day of so that on Thanksgiving day all I need to do is work the oven and finish the final touches. It worked last year and I’m excited to have a stress free day this year as well!


Here’s my plan for Thanksgiving 2015:

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Take Time Tuesday #25

Good Evening!

I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty burnt out today and was going to forego posting today. Thanks to Emily, Lauren and Allison for encouraging me to post! I’m super grateful for that!

Here’s what else I’m grateful for this week!


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A New Way of Looking at Happiness


source Over the weekend, I watched the State of Play episode on happiness that Rich taped for me while I was on my trip. He thought I would like it, and he was right, but one quote in particular stuck with me.

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Meal Plan 11/23-11/29


Good Morning! Let the Thanksgiving prep begin! I’m back from Vegas! It was a whirlwind trip.ย My days were filled with back-to-back and sometimes double booked meetings and the days flew by. At night I was able to fit in some fun as well! I had three fun dinners (I ate at STK, Julian Serrano & […]

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Hotel Workout Round-Up


Good Morning! In preparation for my trip this week, I pinned a bunch of hotel workouts on my Fitness board on Pinterest. I thought I would share for future reference for us all to have on hand. I have a feeling these will come in handy, especially during the holiday season! A full week of […]

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Take Time Tuesday #24


Good Morning! I’m currently on my way to Las Vegas for work somewhere between Chicago and Sin City. In a few more hours my days of back to back meetings begin, so first I wanted to take a few minutes to be grateful!

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Work Hard


Good Morning! My life lately has been all about working hard and staying balanced. After a long week that resulted in fantasizing about having a day off, I took that as a sign to pump the breaks before I got burntout.

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If I Had A Day Off…


Good Morning! Every day this week has seemed like Thursday to me, so I am bittersweet that the day has actually arrived. While I’m looking forward to the weekend, I have a lot of work to finish up before my trip to Vegas next week! My busy season will be over in just a few […]

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It’s Soup Season!


Good Morning! While I’m not too thrilled that the Polar Vortex is supposedly coming back to Chicago today, I am thrilled that it’s soup season! I love soup so much that I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to soup recipes! I have been making soup since the temperatures hit 50 degrees on Sundays. Here’s […]

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Take Time Tuesday #23


Good Morning! Yesterday was definitely a Monday and this week is going to be a crazy one. I’m taking it day by day and today I’m happy for the reminder to take some time to be grateful. It is much needed!  

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