What I’ve Read Lately 3

Good Morning!

With our first Book Club meeting of the year happening this Friday I’m in the mood to talk about books.

Speaking of Book Club, if you’re wondering what we read last year Maureen wrote a post recapping all the books we read last year. I’m so excited we’re back for year two of our club. It’s brought me back to reading regularly and I look forward to it every month.

Here are some of the books I’ve read since my last What I’ve Read Lately post.


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The Little Tweaks Add Up

Even though I’m full-steam-ahead working on my 2015 goals, I can’t help but continue to be a bit reflective on 2014. Last year was such a tough year for me, and when I think about how I felt last January vs this year I can’t help but feel grateful.


Lots of big changes happened last year, but I also took many small steps towards big change. Looking back at these small changes inspired my Twelve Tiny Tweaks for 2015 so I thought today I would share these.

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No Plans Weekend & Meal Plan 1/25-2/1


Good Afternoon! One habit I got into last year was to leave one weekend per month completely open and I’ve been diligent to continue this into the new year. This weekend we went into the weekend with no plans and it ended up being the most fabulous, productive and energizing weekend!

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The Awesomeness of Accountability Partners


Good Morning! I haven’t mentioned it on here yet, but I’m participating in a group fitness challenge at work with a small team of four coworkers. We get to do one workout with a personal trainer and have to complete a weekly workout challenge. This week’s challenge is to complete as many sit-ups as we […]

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Currently: Day In The Life + New To Me Foods


Good Morning! It’s been awhile since I did a day in the life post since pretty much every day is the same buy different. (you know what I mean?) I still think that flexibility is the key to balance and have found a good grove lately. I thought today would be a good day to […]

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My Travel Short List


Good Morning! After returning home from our Cozumel trip last week, I’ve been craving travel. We would like our next trip to be a city vacation. While a relaxing and sunny vacation is nice, there’s something to be said about eating, drinking and exploring your way through a new city. It’s Monday, so let’s do […]

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Meal Plan 1/18-1/23


Good Morning! This weekend I took a quick trip to Michigan for a photo shoot with my wedding photographer to knock one of my 30 Before 30 items off my list.

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Cozumel Trip Recap


Good Morning! It’s hard to believe as I sit here bundled up in Chicago that earlier this week I was in sunny Cozumel celebrating my friend Lauren’s Wedding.. Hopefully this recap will help us all warm up a bit!

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Losing Weight In Three Easy Steps

2014 to 2015 20 Pounds Lost

In my 2014 year in review, I forgot to mention one thing. Last year, I accomplished my cliche goal to lose weight and ended the year almost 20 pounds lighter than I started it. I still have a small amount to lose before I reach my goal (whatever that may end up being), but this […]

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A Fine Line

Balance is the fine line between challenging yourself & taking care of yourself.

Good Morning! It’s the second week of the year, is your motivation still going strong? If not, I wanted to share this phrase my yoga instructor shared with our class last week. It’s the

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