Meal Plan 12/21-12/27

Good Evening!

It’s been a family, friend and food filled weekend in Michigan! I’m taking my slow down mentality seriously and feel more relaxed than I have in a few months. This morning I enjoyed a delicious brunch at the Sardine Room while exchanging Dirty Santa gifts with my girlfriends from High School. It’s our 11th or 12th year getting together and it’s always something I look forward to. Tomorrow we’ll head back home to Illinois, but first we’re enjoying a night out with some friends.

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How I’m Staying Balanced This Holiday Season

When it comes to health during the holiday season, my perspective has changed a lot over the past few years. Two years ago, I started moving towards intuitive eating and this year I set my intention for the season to use this time to learn to slow down. Before that, the holiday season was always a mix of trying to diet and going way overboard.

The past few weeks have been a blur of work holiday lunches and dinners, family and friends parties, pounds of gifted chocolate and lots of things I used to think of as “temptations.” In years past, I would “challenge” myself to live a certain way during the holiday season and ultimately end up depriving myself.

This year, I’ve enjoyed the season without much thought to health and fitness. It seems I’ve finally found the balance I’ve been striving for all these years by not trying. Instead, I’ve been focused on taking care of myself and the rest just fell into place. This is huge for me, so I took a few moments to realize some things I’ve been doing naturally to take care of myself and stay balanced during these crazy weeks.

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Catching Up


Good Evening! Late last month, I set my intention for the holiday season and have since unintentionally made it happen. I guess I’ve had it in the back of my mind, but when life got a bit stressful and had me craving slowing down a bit, I did. I’ve learned a lot about balance lately […]

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Meal Plan 12/7-12/13


Good Morning! Today was just what the doctor ordered. It started out with some spa time with my best girlfriend at Cowshed, lots of coffee and brunch at Grange Hall. Then I came home to meal prep, plan out my outfits for the week and enjoy a relaxing dinner with Rich. The rest of the […]

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Saturday Wine Date


Good Evening! It’s been a few days since I’ve written a post, so let’s catch up shall we!? How about over a glass of wine, you say? Great idea! Mine is a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau, which is my favorite this time of year.

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November Recap and December Goals


Good Morning! Thanksgiving has come and went and now the Christmas season is in full swing! November was a crazy month for me. Work kind of swallowed me whole, but in the best way possible. I ended the month with a nice, relaxing day. But first, let’s see how November went…

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Meal Plan 11/30-12/6


Good Morning!ย  First of all, thank you SO much for all the thoughtful comments on yesterday’s post. This weekend I spent a lot of time relaxing, getting organized around the house and not much else. Today I headed downtown for my second Yoga Plus event and a session with my trainer. I’m finishing the weekend […]

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The Day That I Knew


Every year during the week of Thanksgiving, I find myself extra crabby and agitated. I always attribute it to the stress of the holiday until it finally hits me. But that’s the thing about grief- it hits you like a ton of bricks when you least expect it. This is when I’ve learned to be […]

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Thanksgiving Planning 2015


Good Morning! Cheers to Thanksgiving! My prep begun on Sunday when my groceries were delivered (best idea ever), every day since then we’ve been doing a little at a time to make the big event stress free. My plan is to finish all of the cooking before the day of so that on Thanksgiving day […]

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Take Time Tuesday #25


Good Evening! I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty burnt out today and was going to forego posting today. Thanks to Emily, Lauren and Allison for encouraging me to post! I’m super grateful for that! Here’s what else I’m grateful for this week!

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