HIIT Round-Up

Good Morning!

I’ve hit my stride when it comes to working out and a typical week looks something like this- two strength sessions, one yoga class and five-six days of cardio through a combination of walking and a few classes at my work gym. I’ve been logging 5-6 workouts per week and it feels great!

The past few weeks, I’ve thrown in a few HIIT workouts before my strength session and am LOVING it. I thought it would be good to share a few I’ve tried for my records and to share with you all.


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Why do you blog?

Good Morning!

For awhile now, I’ve been struggling with this blog. It started at a running blog, then held me accountable through my wedding and first few years of marriage and I couldn’t quite figure out what to do next.


Last week, I thought about quitting blogging all together. I have found a good groove with my schedule and routine, am working out regularly, figured out the whole meal planning thing and have reached so many goals since starting this blog. I wasn’t sure if I still needed it, had time for it or wanted to put my energy into it.

So, I took a few days off. And then I got my inspiration back. I took a few minutes to get my focus back and decided to share with you all. Here are some questions I asked myself. {Continue reading…}

Weekly Refresh #11

Good Evening! This weekend was a perfect one as I hit all my “musts” of a good weekend-time to catch up with Rich, time with girlfriends, a night out, a few good workouts, lots of sleep and a productive Sunday. I even had time this evening to relax and write a few blog posts for […]

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Food Network in Concert at Ravinia

Duck Inn Duck Fat Dog

Good Evening! Over the weekend, I attended the most fabulous foodie festival to hit Chicago this year, Food Network in Concert! Held at Ravinia, it was a full day of food, music and Food Network stars. For me, the day was the ultimate test of my Intuitive Eating journey and I spent the day tasting, enjoying […]

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Farewell Summer, Welcome Fall


Good Evening!  This Summer was one of the most challenging and rewarding Summers of my life. I started the season Funemployed, a little lost and a very frustrated. I’m happy to say that I’m ending the season two months into a job I love and grateful to have survived the experience. Things really do happen […]

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Weekly Refresh #10

Good Morning! This weekend was jam packed, including a full day of foodie fun at Food Network in Concert yesterday. I’m glad that I have today to catch up on life and do my Sunday things, starting with easing into the day with Bagels and Lox. But first, time to recap this past week and […]

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Flexibility is the Key to Balance


Good Evening! When I first started my new job, I knew that eventually I wanted to do a “day in the life” post once I was settled in. It’s been two months this week and I feel like I have found a good balance. This post is mainly a record for me to return back […]

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Lessons Learned From Working With A Personal Trainer: Nutrition


As promised when I introduced you to my Personal Trainer, over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the things I’ve learned through working with him. First, I’m going to sharing the things I learned when it comes to nutrition. The nutrition component of the equation is the key to weight loss. In the past, […]

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You Are Going to Be Great


Good Morning! source It’s a new week and I’m feeling motivated after a weekend of relaxing, fun and productivity. After having a hard time motivating myself to stick to my weight loss guns, this week I’m feeling prepared and motivated. Time to get after it! What goals are your currently working towards? What are you […]

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Weekly Refresh #9

Good Morning! It’s been a really great weekend, busy but filled with pockets of downtime. Today I plan on relaxing for the majority of the day, which is much needed and appreciated! Time to recap this past week and plan for the week ahead… Focus After last week’s struggle with sticking to my weight loss […]

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