Tried It Tuesday: New Fitness Classes & Eats

Good Morning!

In addition to my tiny tweak for March, I also set a goal to get back to my regular blogging schedule. I had cut back to three weekday posts per week, but I’ve been missing sharing about the day to day things, so I’m going to attempt to get back into my normal five weekday post schedule this month. We’ll see how it goes!

If I were to describe my perfect weekend day it would look something like this- a workout class and fabulous meal with a girlfriend in the morning/early afternoon and then coming home to snuggle up with Rich and Penny. I’ve been repeating this several times the several weeks and as a result I’ve tried lots of new-to-me fitness classes and eats. I thought today I would do a little round-up.

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Twelve Tiny Tweaks for 2015: March

Good Morning!

This month for my tiny tweaks, I have to admit that I struggled to make a decision. Then I realized I was overcomplicating things, so I decided to keep things simple.


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Meals and Workouts 3/1-3/7


Good Morning! It’s been a nice and balanced weekend! Friday night I had Book Club and Saturday I spent the day with my friend Cassie. We went to a steamy #Sweatworking class and refueled at RJ Grunts, home of the first salad bar, with salads and burgers. Today’s going to be a lazy day in […]

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Four Big Goals and Twelve Tiny Tweaks: February Check-In

Good Morning! It’s been pretty quiet on the blog this week but my real job got the best of me and sucked up all my brainpower. After a fun and productive Saturday catching up on life, I wanted to check in and hold myself accountable to my 2015 goals.

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Take Time Tuesday #26

Take Time Tuesday Winter Blues Edition

Good Morning! The winter blues have hit me hard and we’ve gotten to the point of the season where the days drag on. I’m on a mission today to combat these feelings by focusing on the present to spend a few minutes focusing on what I’m grateful for today. It’s been awhile since I did […]

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Meals and Workouts 2/22-2/28


Good Afternoon! This weekend has been a good one where the few precious days somehow end up being busy but not too busy, fun but not too tiring and productive but also relaxing. Today Rich and I started the day with donuts and I’ve spent the past several hours getting myself addicted to Rehab Addict […]

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Five Things Friday


Good Morning! I’m happy it’s Friday and I’m ready¬†for the weekend! But first, here are some random thoughts about my week. My drink of choice this week 1. Sure enough, as soon as I posted how great of a workout groove I was in on Wednesday, I fell out of it. For good reason though, […]

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Workouts, Lately


Good Morning! I’ve gotten away from doing weekly workout recaps, but don’t you worry, I’m in a great groove! In the past I’ve noticed this is when I’ve let things slack, so I thought I would check-in today and share what I’ve been doing to hold myself accountable.

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3×3 Daily Check-In: Work & Personal

3x3 Daily Check-In Work & Personal

Good Morning! Lately, I’ve been in the mood to simplify my life. I’m not sure if it’s inspired by the winter months or how overwhelmed I felt at the end of last year, but I’m really enjoying doing less. And, I think it’s actually caused me to be more productive! Earlier in the year, I […]

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Hibernation Weekend & Meal Plan 2/15-2/21


Good Morning! It’s been an exciting weekend over here. We kicked it off with pasta takeout and DVR catching up on Friday and I’ve spent the majority of time on the couch alternating between reading my book, watching TV and clearing out my Bloglovin’. Thrilling, I tell you! Or at least relaxing, which was much […]

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