Meal Plan 10/19-10/26

Good Morning!

Last night we had a delicious date night complete with stinky cheese, wine and Coq Au Vin. We watched the movie Chef and I would highly recommend it!

This week’s going to be another busy one, so quick and easy meals are key. We have also been loving leftovers lately and I plan on getting takeout once per week. I like this strategy because it removes any temptation to just grab something on our way home from work, since we know at least a few nights will be cook-free!


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Workout Recap 10/12-10/18

Good Evening!

This weekend has been absolutely perfect so far. It started with a quick strength workout yesterday and this morning started with a tennis lesson with my friend Denise!

A few weeks ago, reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their service and I was totally game. Fun fact about me: my Mom was a tennis pro and my Dad was a racquetball pro and they met at a racquet club back in the day. As an overly independent only child I did not want to play tennis when I was a kid so I chose figure skating instead.

I would like to think that some of the skills I’ve picked up from family over the years stuck, but this morning we were definitely beginners. Good thing we had an awesome instructor who taught us all the basics in just one hour. Denise and I are both excited to try again in the Spring and may even take a few more lessons!


Here’s how the rest of the week’s workouts went:

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Five Things Friday


Good Morning! I’m happy to see the weekend, but it snuck up on me! This week was such a blur and I barely knew what day it was at any point in time, but I digress… 1. At the beginning of this week I had a bit of a workout funk. It was rainy and […]

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A New Way To Avoid The Comparison Trap on Social Media


Every once in awhile, we all fall into the comparison trap. On those days, there is always someone prettier, better dressed, in a perfect relationship, with a better career, who’s eating perfectly clean and working out every single day. This topic came up at Go Blog Social and it was nice to know the other […]

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Eating, Lately and a 4:00 Cookie Giveaway!


Good Morning! Lately, I’ve been in a really good groove when it comes to eating. I’ve learned a lot working with my trainer on nutrition, added the last piece of the puzzle to my Intuitive Eating journey and found a routine that works for me. Day to day things look pretty similar. Breakfast is typically […]

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Inspiration From Go Blog Social’s Chicago Pop Up


Two weeks ago, I was ready to quit blogging. But what a difference two weeks makes! This weekend I attended Go Blog Social’s Chicago Pop Up Event. I left feel energized, inspired and ready to keep blogging. 

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Career Talk: How to Nail a Job Interview

Career Talk Nailing The Interview

So, your job search was successful and you landed an interview, great! Today I’m continuing my career series with some tips on how to nail the interview. 1. It’s crucial to do your research. Learn about the company you’re interviewing with, the people you will be speaking with and the position you are in the running […]

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Weekly Refresh #13

Good Morning! Its been a great weekend. Friday night, Rich and I saw Gone Girl and it was amazing! Yesterday, I learned a ton at Go Blog Social and left feeling inspired. After the conference I met up with my friend Cassie for dinner, then came home and Rich and I went to our friends’ […]

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Five Things Friday


Happy Friday! Stopping in quickly to share a few things from the week… 1. Yesterday I treated myself to a manicure! It was such a great after work treat and I chose a color called “Thank Gaud It’s Friday” and got ready for the weekend. Having my nails done makes me feel so much more […]

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The Last Piece to the Intuitive Eating Puzzle


At the beginning of the year, I shared my Intuitive Eating journey, but in back of my mind I still had a nagging voice telling me I wanted to lose weight and the only way to do so was to go on a diet. Then I started working with my trainer and set a goal to […]

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